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Delaying the 10-Page Quality Treatment

I'm not one to let myself off the hook when the entire point of this blog is to, you know, put myself on the hook. However, I very much am someone who's into round numbers and simple patterns. I started with the whole Quality kick in the middle of things, so it's not all quite as round as I'd like, and the timing is weird with the 10-Page Treatments.

Next week, I'll be starting work on my first screenplay based off of one of my 10-Page Treatments. I'll work on that for four months. But one month from next week, I'm scheduled to finish my first Quality 10-Page Treatment and start my second, which also is worked on for four months. And I'd like those two four-month cycles to fit together better, basically.

I could move things up and finish the 10-Page treatment this week, but it's just not ready. Delaying it an extra three months to make it match up with the the Quantity first drafts seems a little excessive, too. So I've decided I'm instead g…

Weekly Theme: Supervillains

This week's theme is supervillains. Specifically, supervillains without superheroes. Movies where the bad guy is magic, and the protagonist has to stop him without any magic of her own - or at least, the movie is about her trying to get the magic to fight the bad guy. I'm okay with there being a superhero at the end. But only at the end.

3-Page Treatment 19 - The White Wind

I really like how this one turned out. It still could've benefited from another day or two of work, but this is already one of my longer 3-page treatments, so that work would've actually been polishing, rather than adding content. Which is cool! I feel like that means I'm getting better at writing quickly.

I think part of it is that I've started outlining less? Which is interesting to me. Maybe I'll write a post about it sometime.

Anyway, the original logline:
When an Inuit shaman's village starts starving to death, she goes on a spiritual quest to discover the source of their misfortune, and to reverse it.

Weekly Theme: Animals

This week's theme is animals. Whether it's some animated children's movie with talking animals; a grim, Planet of the Apes style sci-fi; or one of those movies about a dog that dies at the end; animals will all feature prominently.

3-Page Treatment 18 - The Mantle of Power

This treatment is weird.

It's not bad! It's good. Well, I think it's good. But whereas my treatments in the past have been written kind of (kind of) like a very short story, this one reads a little bit like a list of bullet points. And that's probably because it was written as a list of bullet points.

I was working full-time again this week, you see, so I knew I needed to try something different to make sure this week's treatment wasn't so... well, bad. Given that the biggest problem with last week's treatment was the basic structure, I wanted to focus on structure and basic plot for this week. So, I made a bigger outline than normal, and pretty much just kept stretching it until it was a full treatment.

So while the core idea itself is solid, the treatment itself isn't as casual a read as most of the others. I don't think that's an inherently bad thing - it could even be a good thing, and I'll probably fool around with this method of writin…

Logline Rankings 91-96

This week, my pick is:

The Mantle of Power
When a street urchin stumbles upon a wizard's mantle of unparalleled power, she uses it to force her way to the top of the social ladder. But when dozens of power-hungry sorcerers come seeking the mantle, she has to fight to keep it - and try not to destroy the city in the process.

Magic is most interesting when it clashes with our rational world, and this logline has a lot of interesting moving parts. You have our hero, who we want to see succeed because undoubtedly she's been spat on and discounted her whole life; you have the mantle itself, which suddenly changes her entire world and now she becomes top dog (and we can probably assume that some of the power will go to her head and she might make a bad decision or two); and then you have these other sorcerers who, even if they're not as powerful as she is, they're certainly more learned in the magical arts.

This idea has a good amount of conflict, and everybody loves a good u…

3-Page Treatment 17 - Exit Stage Left

I'm not going to sugarcoat this: This treatment sucks.

I took on some temp work this week,  but even though it's temporary, it's full-time, and so I just plain didn't put in the time this treatment needed. I really wanted to not post it, but that would ruin the entire point of this blog, so.

I'll be working full-time next week, too, but after a treatment like this, you can be certain that I'll be putting devoting more off-time to writing next week's treatment.

It's sad, too, because I feel like this one could be really fun with more effort. Oh well. Hopefully I'll read this in a couple days and realize it's not as bad as my sleep-addled brain is telling me it is! Right? Right?

For reference, the logline:
After being dropped by her agent and kicked out of her apartment, a wannabe actress takes a job as a hitman, and turns out to be pretty good at it.

Logline 96 - Kamikaze

When the Mongol hordes threaten to overwhelm Japan, the sorceress who broke the storm god Raijin's heart is the only one who can convince him to save Japan. But in order to do that, she has to get to him before the Mongols do.

Ranking 3 Page Treatments 13-17

So apparently I get to pick two this time! One for Quantity and one for Quality. I feel like that makes things easier because I really liked this batch and would have had a hard time picking just one. Good job husband! Also, you are a mean, mean husband who makes my job too difficult...

Treatment 13
Treatment 14
Treatment 15
Treatment 16
Treatment 17

Black Magic Grandma This one is a good deal better than his first attempt at comedy, I'd say. I also really like the concept, and I think he did a good job of fleshing it out. But, I don't think it is making it into the top two. There some others I like a lot, you see.

The Chosen One I think this one is lacking motivation. Why is Gunda determined to fulfill the prophecy even though her parents don't want her to? Why don't her parents want her to? Where was the tension there? What makes the king or Qirsh an exception that actually wants to help? And was Gunda always ok with tyrants and becoming one? There just wasn't enough …

Logline 92 - The Mantle of Power

When a street urchin stumbles upon a wizard's mantle of unparalleled power, she uses it to force her way to the top of the social ladder. But when dozens of power-hungry sorcerers come seeking the mantle, she has to fight to keep it - and try not to destroy the city in the process.