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My Screenplays


These are all the screenplays I've written, in chronological order. I'm not putting all of these scripts here because they're all good, but because this is a record of my development as a writer.

Kill the Beast 

This was the first screenplay I ever wrote, so it's, uh... well, you can tell it's a first screenplay, let's put it that way. It's about an ex-cop who teams up with a group of vampire hunters after a vampire murders his partner. I originally wrote it after watching a bunch of B-movies and being like, "That can't be that hard."
It is that hard.
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This was the first somewhat respectable screenplay I wrote. It's about a secret policeman in a communist country who falls in love with a girl who's trying to escape the country. It's not perfect, but I still like the ideas and the world enough that I could see revisiting it in the future, when I have a better idea of what I'm doing.
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War of the Bands

Originally written as a part of the now-sadly-defunct Script Frenzy (a screenwriting parallel to NaNoWriMo), this is definitely the most I've worked on a screenplay so far. The first draft was about 140 pages, the final here is 88 - and I'd wager only half of those showed up in the first draft. It's about a boy who lives in a world where music can be used as a weapon, who enters a literal battle of the bands, competing for the right to face his absentee father.
Like I said, a lot from the first draft got cut - like, a lot. I could see myself revisiting some of that in the future as a separate screenplay.
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This story was inspired by the scenery of Guatemala. I taught English there for a couple months, and fell in love with the mountains and the clouds. So, of course, it inspired a story about sailors who go out to the steppe.
It's about a shaman who journeys to a faraway land to stop his lost disciple from setting herself up as a god.
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The Destroyer

This was the first "pure" screenplay to come out of this project - i.e., the first screenplay where I had nothing on the 1st of the month, and a screenplay on the 31st.
It's about a woman who discovers she has inexplicable powers, and she and her friends try to figure out how and why - and what she should do with them.
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To Live For

This is my first screenplay that's not sci-fi or fantasy or... I don't know what you'd call Treason, but it's not just a typical drama. This is just a typical drama.
It's about a girl who joins a suicide club after getting into a car accident that kills her twin sister.
Definitely the worst research for a screenplay that I've had to do yet.
I wrote this one in... weird chunks. Not my normal drafting structure. I kind of went from a first draft straight to a final. Don't think it improved a this much in a single draft, it got as much work as everything else, just, not in the same discrete(ish) chunks I usually work in.
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So far, I've only written the one short, but it was a fun experience, I could see doing it again.


This was a short I wrote for my friends at HMD Films, that you can watch over at their website. I guess you'd call it a thriller; it takes place on a front doorstep, as a man posing as a computer repairman tries to convince the girl at the door to let him in.
DownloadFinal draft

Abandoned Projects

These are the screenplays that I started work on and at least finished a draft before setting aside.
I could pick any of these back up again, but if I did, it'd be more of a rewrite situation than a next draft situation.


The first draft was written in one week while my wife was out of town, and sort of inspired the idea of writing a screenplay a month. It's a sort of supernatural heist movie, about a sorceress who's trying to steal Elven magic to hide from a wizard-eating demon, but a lot could change in the editing process.
This being the first screenplay of my screenplay-per-month project, it suffered a lot in the editing process, while teaching me a lot about editing on a schedule. The second draft differs very little from the first, because I wasted my time on small changes. Ultimately, once I dropped my schedule, I realized this screenplay just had huge structural problems due to its limited deadline.
I'm glad I wrote it, but it's done for now.
DownloadFirst draft | Second draft