What I'm doing

This blog is basically just a place for me to post whatever I'm working on, because pretending other people are reading it makes it easier for me to stick to a structure.

Logline 278 - Out for Good

When a mob hitman gets the call to take out his favorite boxer, he instead helps the boxer escape and start a new life as an aerobics instructor.

Logline 277 - Real Scary

When the last vampire in the world decides to stop hiding and just reveal herself, she's shocked to find herself an international sensation. She gets a cartoon, a breakfast cereal... and the attention of the world's last vampire hunter.

Logline 276 - WWJD

When a wildly successful porn producer catches religion, rather than stop making porn, he starts using it as a preaching tool.

Logline 275 - Valentino

In the 90's, When a former drug dealer loses his convenience store job, in order to avoid returning to drugs, he turns instead to selling black market beanie babies.

Logline 274 - The End

After her brother dies in a hospital before she can get there to see him, a young woman sits with a dying old man in the last hours of his life.

Logline 273 - Pale

A soldier behind enemy lines is forced to work with the enemy in order to survive a vicious blizzard.

Logline 272 - Big Game

When a Greek War Elephant goes berserk and flees across the Roman countryside, a small village's most seasoned hunter is tasked with taking the beast down.

Logline 271 - Personal Assistant

When an enthusiastic young golf caddy convinces a billionaire to take him on as his personal assistant, everything is looking up - until he finds out the billionaire expects him to find people for him to hunt for sport.

Logline 270 - Jump In

When an adrenaline junkie's husband dies in a base-jumping accident, grief pushes her to ever-higher levels of thrills.

Logline 269 - Fart in the Wind

When a once-prominent shock-jockey embarrasses his daughter so completely he's uninvited from her wedding, he embarks on an cross-country radio tour to crash it and win her approval back.

Logline 268 - Born of Smoke

When a Southern general is slain in battle, his trusted slave seizes the opportunity to escape in the midst of the gunfire.

Logline 267 - For Kids

When a once-great struggling author finds success writing YA novels under a pseudonym, he has to balance his desire to continue writing deep philosophical epics with his desire to make rent.