What I'm doing

This blog is basically just a place for me to post whatever I'm working on, because pretending other people are reading it makes it easier for me to stick to a structure.

Logline 265 - Soulbound

When once-vanquished evil starts breaking into our world, the heroes who defeated it in past lives must remember how to defeat it again, without breaking into past rivalries.

Logline 264 - Ceremonial

When the entire parliament of a small European country is killed in a savage attack, the ceremonial queen finds herself in very real authority as the country scrambles to defend itself.

Logline 263 - Overbaked, Underproved

An apprentice baker who struggles to fit in with her instructor's dog-eat-dog philosophy finds fame as her blog shifts away from recipes and more to sharing dirt on her bakery - but the more stories she shares, the harder it is to stay anonymous...

Logline 262 - Takeout

When a chinese place's regular stops making his daily orders, the delivery guy checks to see if he's okay - gets caught up in a whirlwind of mafia hitmen and witness protection.

Logline 261 - Sketch

When the 14-year-old daughter of the head of the FBI catches her father in a shady backroom deal, she has to find a balance between her conscience, her family, and her survival.

Logline 260 - Live Hard

After a typical action movie protagonist has killed the entire mafia in revenge for them murdering his family, he struggles to adapt back to normal life.

Logline 259 - For Better or For Worse

When a seasoned hitwoman finds out her new husband is also secretly a hitman, it seems like a match made in heaven - until he starts asking for her help.

Logline 258 - The Day After Yesterday

The morning after her first gunfight, a crooked cop struggles to pull herself together.

Logline 257 - Souls of Men

When the kingdom's greatest knight forswears all violence shortly before the capital comes under siege, the king struggles to convince him to rally the defense.

Logline 256 - Once and For All

After a bank teller's son is revealed to be the prophesied hero that will save the world, she struggles to raise him in a manner keeping with his regal destiny.

Logline 255 - Pro Bono

A wandering mercenary helps a small town that desperately needs protection, despite their inability to pay him - leaving them to wonder if they'll have to pay in other ways.

Logline 254 - Left Standing

A small medieval city, completely ravaged by a hurricane, struggles to rebuild in the immediate aftermath.