Logline 468 - The Wicked Flee

When a storied investigative journalist "retires" to a small port town that happens to house a lot of the fabulously wealthy, the real estate mogul who's also the mayor of the town tries to help whichever constituent is being targeted cover up their scandals - but without knowing which one the journalist is actually there for, he has no choice but to hide everything.

Logline 467 - Sing to Me

When a supposedly-retired composer is found dead at her villa with an incredible opus having been her final creation, a pair of young composers compete to cover up the death and claim her work as their own.

Logline 466 - Fickle

When a woman is stalked by the hitman she hired to kill her husband, she struggles to get help for her issue without revealing her guilt.

Logline 465 - Attention

When a fame-obsessed Twitch streamer racks up a lot of viewers after a drunken tirade, he starts deliberately exaggerating his antics to dangerous levels in order to keep growing his "brand."

Logline 464 - Equality and Equilibrium

After losing a big internship due to her own mistakes outside the office, a would-be accountant takes over the books for her family business - a move she views as a downgrade, while the rest of her family is thrilled to work with her.

Logline 463 - Ghost Town

When a man on his way to a business trip breaks down in the middle of a small town, the locals warn him about the murderous spirits that come out at night. But come nightfall, the spirits warn him about the murderous locals...

Logline 462 - You're Right, I'm Sorry

When a bank manager's fifth ex-wife gets the house in their divorce, he's forced to move in with his domineering - and slightly senile - father until he can find a new place.

Logline 461 - The Best Defense

When an aging prosecutor is forced into retirement by a new boss, she takes up a new career in criminal defense in an effort to tarnish her former boss's record.

Logline 460 - The Butcher

When it's mathematically proven that all animals have souls, a lifelong butcher retires and becomes the leader of a violent sect of vegans.

Logline 459 - Human Resources

When a put-upon HR manager is thrown under the bus after a major lawsuit, she launches a blackmail campaign against her superiors that quickly spirals out of her control.

Logline 458 - Tabletop

When an in-character betrayal brings up some out-of-character hard feelings, a well-intentioned Game Master running a tabletop RPG struggles to repair his party - and their real-life friendships - before any permanent damage is done.

Logline 457 - The Mediocre Girl

When her last remaining sibling develops superpowers, the powerless, mediocre firstborn of the city's favorite heroes struggles to find her place in a world where she won't ever be able to save the day.