Logline 477 - Raised By Wolves

After a tragic accident during a family road trip, a 10-year-old girl is left alone in the wilderness with only her two dogs to keep her safe.

Logline 476 - Yup, That's Murder

When a small-town sheriff who's only ever dealt with drunks and vagrants catches a serial killer who's passing through town, he struggles to convince himself that the guy is really all that bad.

Logline 475 - I Do What I Want

When the spoiled daughter of a billionaire goes to stay with her working-class extended family as an extended punishment, she turns the punishment around when she starts an underground club that becomes wildly popular.

Logline 474 - Insatiable

When the daughter of a man running a massive blackmailing ring kills her father for beating her and her younger brother, she takes over his blackmailing in order to maintain their standard of living, and soon finds she has a talent for it.

Logline 473 - The Thing That Lives in the Alley

When an 11-year-old girl finds a creature that can look like anyone it chooses, she befriends it and tries to help it stay hidden from the government agents looking for it.

Logline 472 - Vigilant

When a serial killer unknowingly kills a guy running a dogfighting ring, he rebrands himself as a vigilante by only killing people society would think deserve death. But he's still killing people, and now it's easier to connect all of his murders...

Logline 471 - To Kill a God

When the god of a small kingdom demands a human sacrifice, the queen and her most trusted companions journey to the god's domain to kill him.

Logline 470 - Agent of Chaos

When an FBI agent's criminal family gets killed by a rival gang, she abandons the force to get revenge.

Logline 469 - A Higher State of Being

When a scientist studying alternate dimensions happens to stumble upon the physical location of Nirvana, he starts a business selling instant enlightenment. But the reincarnated monks living there don't take too kindly to the incursion of rude tourists...

Logline 468 - It Has Its Ups and Downs

When an apprentice elevator repairman finds a bomb at the top of an elevator shaft, the police have to talk him through the disarming process before it goes off.

Logline 467 - Mad

After a fatal case of road rage leads to a truck driver killing his only son, an angry father plots the murder of the truck driver as he awaits trial.

Logline 466 - The Best Revenge

When she gets passed over for the promotion in favor of her younger cousin, the daughter of a real estate tycoon starts her own realty agency in direct competition to the family business.