Logline 510 - World War II-2

When a World War II vet finds out his grandchildren are neo-Nazis, he goes on a violent crusade against the ones he deems responsible for corrupting them.

Logline 509 - Too Fast

When a high school track star sells her soul to run faster, it works too well, and she finds herself on the run from government agents hoping to discover why she can run 90 miles per hour.

Logline 508 - These Old Bones

When a wannabe necromancer accidentally animates his grandparents' skeletons, he finds their company to be simultaneously exhausting and actually quite pleasant - if only the neighbors didn't mind...

Logline 507 - Missed Connection

When a genie grants a depressed construction worker a second chance with her ex-husband by rewinding time 20 years, she finds him to be much worse than she remembers, and has to decide if it's worth staying with him in order to relive her youth.

Logline 506 - Battle Cry

When subterranean monsters start emerging from the sewers, a teenage plumber is the only one with the guts and the know-how to flood the monsters' home and save her hometown.

Logline 505 - Like There's No Tomorrow

When war breaks out on the first day of their vacation, a group of spring breakers decide to throw caution to the wind and party in the middle of everything.

Logline 504 - The Henchman's Mother

An evil henchman's mother kills the mad scientist he works for an takes over his death machine in order to make sure her son gets his fair share.

Logline 503 - Jack in the Box

Years after trapping the evil spirit that possessed their house, a young family lets the spirit back out in hopes of it chasing away their violent neighbors.

Logline 502 - Get Yours

When an aging salesman learns he's about to be forced out of the company, he plans a theft with some of his coworkers.

Logline 501 - Wind and the Waves

When the young witch of a small town in Maine is forced to mediate a truce between warring spirits, she struggles to impose herself strongly enough to keep the peace.

Logline 500 - Bald

A thrift store manager who's just beaten cancer struggles to get back to the life he had before.

Logline 499 - The Girl in the Mirror Asks Weird Questions

When a teenage girl's reflection starts convincing her to commit ever-escalating crimes that she always gets away with and that always improve her life, she struggles to convince herself to stop before she goes too far.