Logline 472 - Why Won't You Leave?

When the ghost of a coffee shop owner returns to haunt his shop, the new owner works with the ghost's family to unravel the surprisingly comprehensive conspiracy by Big Coffee that led to the former owner's death.

Logline 471 - Bring Home the Bacon

When a secret billionaire finally reveals her wealth to her middle-class fiance and introduces him to her parents, both of their families start trying to isolate the couple from the other family - her family to protect their money, and his to get access to it. Neither family seems to care much about what she or her fiance want...

Logline 470 - What Do You Take Me For?

After a string of jobs that should've been great but got ruined by abusive bosses and destructive bureaucracies, a wannabe coder stops trying to get good jobs, and starts trying to get hired by the worst bosses possible to expose them on her blog.

Logline 469 - The Long Game

When a young girl is inducted into a secret society by her grandfather, she must spend her entire life preparing for the society's endgame of summoning an ancient deity.

Logline 468 - The Wicked Flee

When a storied investigative journalist "retires" to a small port town that happens to house a lot of the fabulously wealthy, the real estate mogul who's also the mayor of the town tries to help whichever constituent is being targeted cover up their scandals - but without knowing which one the journalist is actually there for, he has no choice but to hide everything.

Logline 467 - Sing to Me

When a supposedly-retired composer is found dead at her villa with an incredible opus having been her final creation, a pair of young composers compete to cover up the death and claim her work as their own.

Logline 466 - Fickle

When a woman is stalked by the hitman she hired to kill her husband, she struggles to get help for her issue without revealing her guilt.

Logline 465 - Attention

When a fame-obsessed Twitch streamer racks up a lot of viewers after a drunken tirade, he starts deliberately exaggerating his antics to dangerous levels in order to keep growing his "brand."

Logline 464 - Equality and Equilibrium

After losing a big internship due to her own mistakes outside the office, a would-be accountant takes over the books for her family business - a move she views as a downgrade, while the rest of her family is thrilled to work with her.

Logline 463 - Ghost Town

When a man on his way to a business trip breaks down in the middle of a small town, the locals warn him about the murderous spirits that come out at night. But come nightfall, the spirits warn him about the murderous locals...

Logline 462 - You're Right, I'm Sorry

When a bank manager's fifth ex-wife gets the house in their divorce, he's forced to move in with his domineering - and slightly senile - father until he can find a new place.

Logline 461 - The Best Defense

When an aging prosecutor is forced into retirement by a new boss, she takes up a new career in criminal defense in an effort to tarnish her former boss's record.