Logline 581 - Threatened

When a minor youtube star gets a stalker, she doesn't get scared - she gets violent, to the point where her stalker is the one that needs protection.

Logline 580 - Gig Economy

 When his parents die in an accident, a single gig worker volunteers to raise his 10-year-old half-brother.

Logline 579 - The Seeds

Decades after a nuclear apocalypse, a pair of mutant siblings leaves their home in search of a semi-mythical seed vault deep in Northern Canada in hopes of finding enough food to restart their failing farms and save their people.

Logline 578 - Unlock Your Potential

 When a chiropractor unexpectedly unlocks her patient's latent chi flow, enabling them to perform all sorts of superheroic stunts, she starts a thriving business repeating the work on others even as she struggles to do it to herself.

Logline 577 - Overcaffinated

When a barista who moonlights as an MMA fighter stops a violent mugging outside his coffee shop, he starts a protection pact with local businesses that slowly morphs into a protection racket instead.

Logline 576 - Oh No! I Like It!

When a surgeon gets stranded alone in the Australian outback, she's forced to integrate with a wandering cult of cannibals if she wants any chance of returning to civilized society. But once she figures out she enjoys the taste of human flesh, she wonders if returning is the responsible thing for a surgeon.

Logline 575 - The Okay Samaritan

When a skilled hunter finds evidence of a meth lab in the woods outside his property, he makes it his business to hunt down and kill whoever it is behind the meth epidemic in his community.

Logline 574 - The End is Near

When a hotshot space pilot gets downed on a hostile enemy planet that she knows her people are preparing to destroy, she's forced to cooperate with a local group of noncombatants if she wants any chance of getting off-world in time to survive.

Logline 573 - The Douchess of Taelsby

When a teenage duchess comes whimpering back to her family after a failed stint in a rock band, she finds it more difficult that she expected to adjust make to life as a noble.

Logline 572 - Lay Low

 After pulling off the heist of the century, a group of brilliant criminals slowly fall prey to a variety of schemes, arrests, and infighting as they try to wait five years before they recover their loot.

Logline 571 - The Love is Gone, but the Salad Isn't

 When a struggling husband-wife chef duo start bitter divorce proceedings, they both compensate by throwing themselves into their work, and rocket up to international superchef status. But the better their career goes, the less contentious their marriage - and the less contentious their marriage, the worse their cooking.

Logline 570 - Please Enjoy the Party

When a gang of terrorists lay siege to a billionaire's house party, the head of security is tasked with not only stopping the attack, but keeping the party from getting disturbed in the process.