So, the idea here is simple. I'm going to post a logline a day. Well, a logline a weekday. On Saturdays I'll look back at the week and pick a favorite, maybe rank the loglines of the week, and I'm taking Sundays off.

I don't want to make any promises I'm not gonna keep, but the idea is, after the first week, to then start making one three-page treatment a week out of one of the loglines of the past week. And then after the first month, to start making a 20-page-ish step outline out of one of those, each month. In theory, I could then  build off of that and start actually writing screenplays out of those step outlines, but that's like six months away, so we'll talk about that later.

I might also occasionally post some comments about the writing process and things I'm learning, or really just about anything in general. I know this is on the internet, but I could very well see myself taking this just like a journal. We'll see what happens.