Ranking Loglines 11-15

This is the week where I officially gave up on fighting my instincts, it seems. Whereas before I tried to come up with smaller, low-budget loglines, these are pretty much all big-budget sci-fi or fantasy - with one exception that is still a pretty massive movie. I'm not giving up forever; I'm going to be trying to throw in a few here or there. But yeah no, this is apparently who I am.

One thing to note, though, that I'm changing about the format is I'm not going to be judging quadrants of a logline anymore. It's kind of ill-defined how something appeals to a given quadrant, and trying to nail it down feels pretty sexist. I dunno. Maybe I bring back some other sort of "Who does this movie appeal to" metric later, but until I know how to do it right, I'm scrapping it.

The list for this week:

Logline 11When a young super-powered woman stands up to reigning superhero Paragon of Justice due to his frequent collateral damage, she finds herself reviled as a supervillain. Rather than stopping, she embraces the role in order to stop Paragon from causing any more casualties.
Logline 12When a neuroscientist accidentally unlocks the brain's hidden psychic potential, she's thrilled. But when her test subject goes crazy and starts killing people, she's the only one with the ability to stop him.
Logline 13A reporter who's secretly a hedge witch is the only one who recognizes the signs of black magic in a recent string of murders, and so she knows she's the only one who can stop them.
Logline 14In a future where 90% of humanity has been killed by global pandemic, the few dozen survivors of Washington D.C. find an alien ship intending to colonize our planet. They have to decide whether the aliens are dangerous - or their only hope of survival.
Logline 15In the year 1000, a pair of Inuit siblings out fishing get captured by vikings and brought back to Norway. Once there, they have to figure out how to integrate with these complete foreigners, or how to get back home.

Logline 11 actually seems pretty solid to me. We've got a good sense of irony - the person trying to save lives becomes the villain, whereas the person hurting people is known as a hero - and we've got a pretty solid picture of how this is going to play out. I'd say only the end of the story is kind of up in the air; specifically, will she become an actual villain or not? But that much unclearness is fine, and actually points out how clear the rest of things are, I think. Cost seems on the low end of high - maybe the high end of low, depending on how it's done.

Logline 12 has strong, obvious irony, so that's good. The mental picture is maybe a little unclear, though, and it takes the budget with it. What exactly is the hidden psychic potential? If he can just read minds, we know this is a lower-budget thriller type. If he can throw trucks with his mind, we're getting more into bigger-budget action. Audience is similarly unclear. I give this one a C+. 

Logline 13 is kind of a run-on sentence. A lot of loglines are, but I notice it more here, so I'm clearly doing something wrong. There's not a lot of irony here, either. However, I do see the movie pretty clearly in my mind, and the budget seems kind of low, actually, which is nice for me. I kind of see this one as a bit like a police procedural, which could be fun to do.

Logline 14 has a pretty strong mental picture, and the budget seems pretty clearly high. I actually really like this one, except that it doesn't have a lot of obvious irony. I guess there's a little to be found in surviving a pandemic only to get attacked by aliens, but given that we're not sure if the aliens are attacking or not, you can only take that so far. 

Logline 15 is, insanely, maybe based on a true story. It's not something we have any details on, but there are bloodlines in Northern Europe that geneticists have somehow been able to say have some North American in them that could be from as far back as the year 1000. As for the logline itself, I see a reasonable mental picture, with mediocre irony. Budget is high. Not my best logline, it's just a crazy story.

I think my favorites are 11 and 12. Deciding between them, I'm going to go with 12, because it has more potential to be lower budget, I think, and that is something I want to work on. We'll see how that goes.