Ranking Loglines 6-10

Looking at last week as a whole - not as individuals yet - I can't help but feel a little... lazy? These loglines feel a bit more creative, but also less polished than last week's. Like I was kind of pushing them aside in favor of working on the treatment, maybe. I'll have to work on that this week.

Still, they do feel more creative to me, so I'm not exactly beating myself up about it. In fact, for something like this, where it's about quantity as much as (or more than) quality, I do value better ideas over better polished ones. I don't know.

Let's get into it!

Logline 6When a bored upper-class socialite discovers that her boyfriend is a hitman, she doesn't freak out -  she wants in.
Logline 7After Syracuse is sacked, Archimedes' apprentice must recover his dead master's plans before a rival genius uses them to conquer Rome.
Logline 8When a major crime boss is murdered, his previously innocent daughter begins a ruthless campaign to punish his murderers.
Logline 9When a street urchin finds a magical ring with a djinni inside, bound to follow her orders, she thinks she's found her way off the streets. But she soon finds herself thrust into conflict with the ring's former owner, who's willing to do anything to get it back.
Logline 10After successfully overthrowing the evil king, a young band of revolutionaries find out that ruling a kingdom is more dangerous than rebelling against one.

Logline 6 has solid irony - at first glance I'd say it's almost entirely irony and needs a little more flesh, but I guess it has a reasonable mental picture, so maybe not. I think it's most likely a comedy, probably a black comedy, but it could be a thriller if you really wanted it to be. But no, I'm thinking a Coen-esque black comedy, something like Burn After Reading or Fargo. Audience and cost also seem pretty clear - men and women under 25, and it could be done pretty cheaply. 

Logline 7's strength is definitely the mental picture. Maybe it's just because I wrote it, but I can easily see the entire span of the movie this turns into. The irony is a little subtle for anyone who doesn't know their Roman history - where it was Rome that had just sacked Syracuse and killed Archimedes - but it would come across pretty quick in the actual film. The audience is probably men of all ages, as long as we play up the history enough to appeal to the older demographic, and cost is pretty high.

Logline 8, I feel like I phoned in. Let's just be real. I'm pretty sure this movie has been made several times before. But whatever, it's been made before because it's clearly ironic, it has a solid mental picture, and appeals to three of the four quadrants. So by the standards I'm using, I guess it's great, but...

Logline 9 is pretty classic Teddy. I don't know if you know that about me yet, but you will. Irony is obvious - what she thought was her ticket to the good life will end up messing her life up more. The mental picture is pretty clear, too; though I picked a slightly unusual setting, this is a story that we're all familiar with (and unlike the previous logline, I think that's less of a problem here. Probably because there's plenty of room to play with the setting). It's going to be pretty expensive, though, what with it being a period piece, and also having all sorts of supernatural special effects. Audience isn't terribly clear, though; depending on how you did it, it could appeal to any, maybe even all of the four quadrants. 

Logline 10 probably has the worst mental picture of the bunch, but the highest-quality irony. We've seen the movie that comes before this one dozens of times, but nobody ever talks about what comes next. Cost is unclear, but probably on the middle to high end of things, and audience is men young and old, maybe with women, too, depending on the makeup of the revolutionaries.

So, that's that. Of them all, 8 is pretty clearly my least favorite, 7 is probably my favorite, but it could also be 9. 9 feels too easy (because it's classic Teddy), though, so I think I'll make myself do a treatment for 7. Also, now that I've dug in a bit, these are better than I gave them credit for at the start of the post, so that's nice. 

 - Teddy