Ranking Loglines 31-35

I think adding titles to my loglines helps. It's already not as hard as I feared it would be, and for one of these loglines (not that I can remember which one), the title actually led to the logline, rather than the other way around. So it's helping not just with my titling skills, it's actually helping me with the loglines. So, good job me for doing it! I guess.

Anyway, as for the actual ranking...
Absolute PowerIn a world where everyone has superpowers, a young band with relatively "unimportant" powers revolts against the more impressively-powered tyrannical establishment.
Deus Ex MachinaAn emancipated robot starts a robot religion with the intent of building a supercomputer to serve as their god.
The Best RevengeAfter getting mugged at knifepoint, a cowardly businessman starts taking martial arts classes so that he can find and confront his attacker.
VillainA superheroine is very careful about fighting crime within the law, and is dedicated to keeping her identity secret so that nobody comes after her family. But when her husband and children are discovered and murdered by her arch-nemesis, she chucks the rules out the window and embarks on a campaign of revenge.
YoungA colony consisting of a few hundred children and teenagers, raised and taught by robots, lives on its own, isolated in a strange world filled with vicious monsters. When the colony is assaulted and hundreds are killed by semi-intelligent beasts, a group of teenagers forms a squad to go eliminate the beasts once and for all.

First, can I say, I also like getting to refer to them with titles rather than numbers.

Absolute Power is... weird. Not that it's weird itself, it just... it doesn't feel creative, but it also does. It's a continuation off of last week's revolution theme, and is kind of just a generic revolution movie, but with superpowers. But I think partly because I typically view superheroes as, well, heroes, and partly because I think there's a lot of room for fun in what counts as an "unimportant" power, I see a lot of potential for creativity in this.

So above average irony, slightly below average mental picture, fuzzy cost (though probably high). Also, I'm unreasonably proud of this title. Like, I might reuse that for any movie I write in the future with an autocratic superhero in it.

Deus Ex Machina is kind of a cheat. I wrote this one before the blog, a long time ago, but I've never done anything with it. But largely, again, because I'm just so happy with the title/plot combination, I figured I throw  it up here, let it compete with the other ideas, and see if maybe I can at least write a treatment for it (Spoiler alert, it totally wins).

I think there's a reasonably bit irony in the robot, like, deliberately trying to build a god - not even pretending he's worshiping a preexisting being. Mental picture is a little loose, but I can already see the conflict between him and human churches, and maybe just between robots and humans in general. Budget is probably high, but probably not astronomical.

The Best Revenge is interesting, to me, because he's getting into the martial arts classes specifically for revenge. Like, he's not there to learn to defend himself, he's there to learn how to mess a dude up. I think that's pretty good irony, and a clear mental picture. Budget is low, which is nice, and it's a fun title to wrap it all up.

Villain bores me. Like, I know it shouldn't, that if it did I should've come up with something better, but when you're writing this many loglines this often, sometimes it's gonna happen. It's just a standard cliche movie with... not even a twist, just kind of an upswing in the power level. Even the title is boring, though it is kind of nice and ominous.

Young, I'm not thrilled with the title, but I like the idea. If I hadn't brought back Deus Ex Machina, it probably would've won. I got the idea from Embryo Space Colonization, which is just crazy and filled with story ideas; you should read about it. Not a lot of irony, which is unfortunate, but it makes up for it with a strong mental picture and plenty of opportunity for interpersonal conflict. High budget, though.

So yeah, that was the week! I guess maybe I should be a little disappointed with myself, considering one logline sucked, and one was recycled, but I think I liked the other three enough that it makes up for it. But yeah, totally writing my treatment on Deus Ex Machina.

 - Teddy