Ranking Loglines 36-40

I'm still happy with titles, though they did give me a little more trouble this week. It also helps me think about the ideas after I've written them by giving me something to hold on to. Remembering what "Logline 39" was about is hard; remembering what "Hell to Pay" was about is easy.

They did give me trouble this week, though. Coming up with titles has stretched the amount of time it takes me to come up with loglines. Not too much, just enough to counter the reduced time it was starting to take now that I've gotten used to it all. And I'm not always happy with what I end up with. But I guess I'll get into that in the breakdown!

BFFsA retired magical girl reclaims her powers to fight an oncoming Evil, but realizes things will be harder than she thought after finding out out the Evil is one of her old companions.
The Illusion of HopeA sorceress with a talent for illusions must find her brother when he doesn't return from an exploratory expedition.
Out of DateAfter his girlfriend dumps him because he's a fraction of her age, a young man from the future comes back to the present day so he can live with his love while they're the same age; however, he finds life in the past to be more confusing than he suspected.
Hell to PayAfter losing a bet to a demon, a young priest gambles more and more, with higher and higher stakes, in an attempt to break even.
Last ThursdayAfter discovering that the entirety of the universe was created less than a week ago, with everyone given false memories so that nobody had any idea, a middle-aged loser tries to hunt down the deity or deities responsible to find out why they gave her such an awful life.

BFFs is actually a pretty good title (I think), even if it's an iffy movie idea. I like the idea, I just don't see how it could be done in America. Probably couldn't. But whatever, I do like the idea, it's got a solid mental picture and there's fine irony. Budget would be high, especially if it's animated.

The Illusion of Hope is probably my least favorite title of the group. I like the idea fine, even if the mental picture is a little lacking (how old is this sorceress? What kind of expedition? Is she working alone, or part of a group looking for the expedition?), but the title just... it's too much. It almost feels wordy? Even though it's totally not. I guess bulky is the word I'm looking for. A little bit of irony, but not enough, so I guess I'll go ahead and say this is just a weak logline.

I really like Out of Date. The title fits perfectly, it's a fun idea with a clear picture, there's great irony, and to top it all off, it'd probably be a low budget. The only thing that stops it from being perfect is that I'm not phenomenal at comedy. But the logline itself is fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Hell to Pay is also above average, I think. Irony is obviously its strong suit, and it has a pretty strong mental picture, even though it doesn't give many details. I like the title, too. Solid all around.

Last Thursday... I don't know what to say. Last Thursday seems like a great book idea to me, but for some reason, not as good a movie. Probably because it would be really introspective. Which movies can do, just, not as naturally as books. The mental picture is weak, which also probably lends itself to bookness - books can wander around more aimlessly than movies can. But it's a fun idea, and I do like it. Like I said, not really sure how to rate it.

So in case it wasn't obvious, it's Out of Date and Hell to Pay competing this week, which means I have to give it to Out of Date. Because whenever it's a legitimate option, I choose to stretch myself. So we'll see if this ends up any good.

Now that I think about it, I don't know how much comedy is supposed to come through in a treatment. Probably a lot? Like, reading it should make you laugh. That's what I think.

We'll see what happens.

 - Teddy