Ranking Loglines 41-45

So, working with a deliberate theme was harder than I expected. Which is a little silly; of course it's going to be harder than just coming up with whatever I want. I guess I just assumed the restrictions would channel my creativity more than they actually did. Maybe I just picked too restrictive a theme? I guess we'll find out, because I'm not stopping.

Anyway, harder or not, I think I like what it resulted in. The loglines this week are all not awful, and most are at least a little unusual for me (though not all of them are horribly creative).

Let's take a look at them in detail:

PiasaAfter unknowingly saving the life of a dragon in disguise as a human, a young Cahokian warrior finds himself with the debt of the most powerful creature around. But each time he accepts the beast's aid, he finds himself walking down a darker and darker path.
The FeastWhen her village is terrorized by a wendigo spirit, a young girl sets out on a desperate journey to find a shaman capable of killing the spirit.
Smokeless FireWhen a young scientist accidentally discovers the existence of djinn, he struggles to prove that his findings are real - and to learn how to interact with the spirits.
DominionWhen a young warrior sets out to slay the dragon demanding tribute from the surrounding realm, he's shocked and slightly terrified to discover that the dragon is using the tribute to defend the realm from an invading draconic army... and the dragon needs his help.
Patient ZeroWhen a zombifying virus, created as a weapon, infects a lab tech, the lead scientist has to scramble to stop the infection from spreading before it causes a full zombie apocalypse.

Piasa is definitely my least favorite title. A piasa is just a native american dragon. It's not at all unlike naming a movie about a dragon, "Dragon." So there's that. The logline itself is very Faustian, but I think the origin of the bargain(s) and the relatively unique setting more than offset the cliche of it. It would certainly be fun to write.

The Feast is, I think, just good enough to not really be noteworthy. It has a good enough title, and a good enough mental picture. It does, however, seem to be lacking in irony. The most noteworthy thing about it is that it's probably the first horror logline I've written. My next horror logline will be held to higher standards, but for now, I'm just tickled that I wrote one.

Smokeless Fire, though, I really like. The title is nice and evocative (if not terribly informative), and the idea is, I think, one of my more clever and original ones. It has a strong mental picture and reasonable irony (in a man of science being confronted with the supernatural, and having to decide between embracing what he knows is fact, or what he knows others will believe). Probably not a terribly high budget, either. Strong contender for getting a treatment.

And then its main competition is Dominion. Again, I like the title, and again, I think this is one of my cleverer ideas (note that I'm not calling either idea objectively clever; just saying they're as clever as I get). The irony is the obvious strong point of this one, and the mental picture is strong as well. Definitely a high budget, though, but oh well.

Patient Zero... it could be written as an original take on the zombie movie, if the focus is entirely on preventing a zombie outbreak, rather than stopping a zombie outbreak that's already occurring. And I think if I'd somehow made that more established in the logline, it'd be stronger for it. Still, that is the implication, so it's not all bad. There's good irony in your own weapon getting used against you, and the mental picture is solid. Not a bad logline, it just could be better.

So yeah, it comes down to Smokeless Fire and Dominion. I want to go Smokeless Fire because of the lower budget and less-used subject matter, but I think I just like Dominion more. I'm having a lot of fun throwing ideas around in my head. So it wins! But I like Smokeless Fire enough that I might come back to it sometime. We'll see.

 - Teddy