Ranking Loglines 56-60

Hopefully next week I'll start getting guest... rankers? Guest rankers in here to start doing this. Plus, next week I'm starting my Quality side of things to go along with the Quantity side, so that'll be fun.

I was going to say that we should thus celebrate this week, but really I think I'm basically saying this week is just boring and same-old, same-old. Sorry.

I think I'll spice things up with... a kitten picture!
Yeah! Kittens!

The loglines of the week are:

The Bad GuysA PMC, contracted to help defend a small South American country from its aggressive neighbor, suddenly gets more than they bargained for when the USA sides with the neighbor.
The WarlordA tribal warlord, intent on uniting his people, must first defeat a rival warlord with the same idea.
Street JusticeA police investigator wants to apprehend a vigilante superhero who's been cleaning up the streets, but sometimes killing people in the process.
Losing a Winning WarA newly-crowned king wants to end a war that he didn't start and has no interest in, but he's winning, and his people won't let him stop.
An Innocent CriminalWhen a mob boss starts transitioning his criminal empire into a legitimate business empire, a police detective who's been after him for years has to catch him before there aren't any more crimes to pin on him.

The Bad Guys is one of my favorite ideas. I'm not sure if it's an idea I really want to write about (for reasons listed below), but it is one of the ideas that I like best. As for the logline, it's got a fun title, great irony, and reasonable mental picture. I do not think it's very marketable, though. It would have to be a big-budget picture where the heroes are killing American soldiers. Like, what? That's just not gonna happen. I suppose you could go all A-Team on it and have them come up with clever ways to avoid killing anyone, but that'd just be dishonest.

The Warlord is a simple idea, but there's strength in simplicity. It has a lot of inherent irony and a reasonable (if not great) mental picture. Not a lot to say about it, but that's not a bad thing.

Street Justice is an interesting idea. It's like a vigilante movie, but from the perspective of the police cleaning up after the guy, and also the guy has superpowers. I'm not crazy about the title, but there's a strong mental picture, and reasonable irony. 

Losing a Winning War, I'm a little too proud of the title. I suspect it's not actually as fun and clever as I give myself credit for. The idea is fun, but I don't know if there's a full movie in it. Or even a movie at all. This seems more like Fiction territory. I mean, sure, you could make it a movie. But I think it'd be a better book.

An Innocent Criminal is all around pretty solid. It's got a good, intriguing title, it's got strong irony, and it's got a clear mental picture. The main flaw is that it's a little wordy; I feel like it could be tightened a bit. Otherwise pretty good.

My first instinct is to do The Warlord, but I want to stretch myself a little more than that. I think I'm gonna go with Street Justice - though I'll probably be trying to think of a better title in the process. I don't have a lot of experience with crime movies, so that's in its favor, but it's not so solidly a crime movie (like An Innocent Criminal) that I'll be completely out of my element. I think it'll be fun.

 - Teddy