Updating the Process

So, now that I'm nearing the deadline on my first step outline, I'm realizing some problems in the process I've set up.

For one, it's not a step outline. I never wanted it to be a step outline. It's just a twenty page treatment rather than a three page one. So I'm changing the name to reflect that.

Second, it's a lot of work. I don't mean that like it sounds; writing a screenplay is a lot of work. I don't have a problem with doing a lot of work. But the whole point of this dividing up of the process I'm doing on the blog is to break each step into smaller chunks. There are some there won't really be an easy way to do (like taking a step outline to a first draft), but I can at least make sure each step is as simple as it can be.

So, I'm splitting the step outline step into three different steps.

Starting two weeks from Saturday, I'll be making a storyboard from a treatment every two weeks (so one of every two treatments will get storyboarded). Then, I'll write a 20 page treatment from a storyboard every three weeks (so two of every three storyboards will be a treatment). Then, I'll be turning one 20 page treatment into an actual step outline every month (so three out of every four 20 page treatments will become step outlines).

So, that's that. Also, I'm taking an extra two weeks to make on the first 20 page treatment, because I can, and because it needs it. So expect that on the 19th, when I finish the second storyboard (which I'll post if I can figure out a good way to do so).