Best Logline #61-66

This week's concepts are pretty interesting because it's an attempt to make something that's wild and mysterious (magic) into something a little more mundane. Personally, I like this approach from things; I enjoy seeing the huge wizard battles for the fate of the universe, but I also like to take the concept of something like witches and magic to its logical counterparts: what about the janitor who gets magical powers? How does this affect everyday life?

That being said, my favorite of this week's loglines is:

Black Magic Grandma
A pair of empty-nesters get into black magic and witchcraft as a way to pass the time; but when they accidentally curse a neighbor to death, they have to find a way to break the curse before it can come to pass.

I see this as a hilarious and creative dark comedy. I say comedy because of the mundane situation: two bored, older people decide to find a hobby to kill time, and that just so happens to be the dark arts. One of the things that makes this a great concept is that they're empty-nesters; automatically you have two main characters built in, which makes for a lot of great dialog, especially with characters who have a lot of history together. Bickering like an old married couple gets exponentially funnier when they're blaming each other for hexing the nextdoor neighbor.

Another thing that makes this concept strong is that you have the ticking time bomb of the curse. This adds a lot of stress and it keeps the story moving forward. It'll keep us on the edge of our seat because we need to see how it gets resolved; do they stop the curse in time? Does the neighbor die anyway? What kind of sacrifices might they have to make? It's always good to have such a clear objective set up so well. We know exactly what success and failure looks like for these characters, and it's life and death. Reading the logline, we want these questions to be answered, so we instantly want to know more about how this plot gets resolved.

Of course, you could go the dramatic route with this one, but I think that's less fun.