Ranking 3-Page Treatments 9-12

Hello! Teddy's wife here, AKA Cassandra Robbins (because that name change is taking forever). I'm very excited to get to help Teddy with his rankings! Hopefully my rankings are helpful rather than a disgrace to that ranking process. We're about to find out!


Due to its unique formatting, I'm even less sure how to rank this. I like the twist. I'm not sure if the end is fleshed out enough? It seems like the last of the 5 acts is short, but I'm sure on screen it would take up more time because it is more action based. Her motives for wanting to kill the dragon enough to run away from home would need to be fleshed out a bit.  My only real problem with this one is that I, personally, am tired of the fantasy genre.


As Teddy predicted, this one might win. He said he would pick it over anything else every time because he loves it so much. I don't know if I love it THAT much. I like the tension in this one, even though it doesn't have the typical antagonist/protagonist roles. I feel like that could either be its greatest strength, or greatest weakness. It is long, which almost makes me worried that it will turn out to be a 3 hour long movie, but you always want more than you need and to have to trim than to not have enough and need to add fluff for length. I'm a fan of the strong female character saving the day at the end.

The Child Queen

This one, I wish I liked more. I like a smart girl reclaiming her kingdom. I just don't think there's enough there. He put in some obstacles for her to overcome, but not very much clarity on how she'd actually overcome them, and why she's smart enough to overcome them and rule a kingdom even though she's only 10. Mostly, I think I'm just worried that it is a kid's movie and not a movie for adults. Which, really there's no problem with, and it would probably be a good stretch for Teddy to have to try catering to that audience.

Street Justice

The logline for this one was not my favorite. Despite that, Teddy turned it into a pretty decent Treatment. My main worry is that it might be a bit cliche, but I think he manages to avoid that by, well, actually having the superhero kill someone. And I totally dig having a superhero, not from the superhero's perspective. We still have no idea who he is at the end. That's pretty fun.


I'm having a really hard time deciding which I like the best. I still haven't decided as I'm typing this out. So I'm gonna talk out my reasoning. Adversary and The Child Queen are the primary contenders. Adversary, because I think Teddy really enjoys this one, and I think that'll make a better final product. There's also already a lot of material for him to work with. I do love the tension in it, and I think that could either flourish or disappear in the process of becoming a screenplay, so it would challenge Teddy there too. Ah, I was gonna talk about The Child Queen too, but who am I kidding? I just talked myself into this one pretty solidly.. Adversary wins.

See ya next time!