Logline Rankings #73-78

This week's loglines center around what I think is one of the most interesting themes to explore: what makes us human? The cult classic Blade Runner is a great example of this theme done well. A lot of these loglines are quite interesting and strong concepts, but the two that jumped out at me the most are:

The Human Element
A young doctor replaces more and more of her body with cybernetics, in an effort to become a robot. Her decreasing humanity worries her superiors, peers, and patients alike, even as it allows her to perform her job better and better.

Twice Into the Same Stream
When something goes wrong with the first test of a ship capable of flying at relativistic speeds, the pilot returns to an Earth inhabited entirely by robots, centuries after humanity has died out.

The first one better exemplifies the question of what makes us human. But the second one is, I think, a more interesting story with lots of potential. It has a bit of a Planet of the Apes thing going on, as well as some Gravity thrown in there.

If the pilot is a woman, do they try to restart humanity? If it's a man, what does he do, knowing he will be the last of his species? Are the robots glad to see a human alive? Maybe the spaceship malfunction was purposely cause by an onboard robot? I think this script could go in a lot of directions and could be really interesting. Plus, sci-fi films are pretty rad.

So, while I really like The Human Element and think it would make a good script, I think Twice Into the Same Stream is a stronger visual concept at this stage, so that's my pick for the week.