Delaying the 10-Page Quality Treatment

I'm not one to let myself off the hook when the entire point of this blog is to, you know, put myself on the hook. However, I very much am someone who's into round numbers and simple patterns. I started with the whole Quality kick in the middle of things, so it's not all quite as round as I'd like, and the timing is weird with the 10-Page Treatments.

Next week, I'll be starting work on my first screenplay based off of one of my 10-Page Treatments. I'll work on that for four months. But one month from next week, I'm scheduled to finish my first Quality 10-Page Treatment and start my second, which also is worked on for four months. And I'd like those two four-month cycles to fit together better, basically.

I could move things up and finish the 10-Page treatment this week, but it's just not ready. Delaying it an extra three months to make it match up with the the Quantity first drafts seems a little excessive, too. So I've decided I'm instead going to delay it one month, so that Quality 10-page treatments and Quantity first drafts are evenly spaced between each other - every two months, I'll finish one of them. It just feels neater.

Just figured I'd let you know what's happening.