Ranking 3 Page Treatments 13-17

So apparently I get to pick two this time! One for Quantity and one for Quality. I feel like that makes things easier because I really liked this batch and would have had a hard time picking just one. Good job husband! Also, you are a mean, mean husband who makes my job too difficult...

Treatment 13
Treatment 14
Treatment 15
Treatment 16
Treatment 17

Black Magic Grandma

This one is a good deal better than his first attempt at comedy, I'd say. I also really like the concept, and I think he did a good job of fleshing it out. But, I don't think it is making it into the top two. There some others I like a lot, you see.

The Chosen One

I think this one is lacking motivation. Why is Gunda determined to fulfill the prophecy even though her parents don't want her to? Why don't her parents want her to? Where was the tension there? What makes the king or Qirsh an exception that actually wants to help? And was Gunda always ok with tyrants and becoming one? There just wasn't enough information. There probably just wasn't enough space for it. But it isn't a winner.

Twice Into The Same Stream

This one is really good. Its downfall is that I don't like intellectual movies that get me to like, think, blatantly.

Mars or Bust

I really like this one. Yes, I'm a sucker for a good kid's movie. Yes, this is a kid's movie. It is... tight? Clean? Well assembled? I don't know how I'm supposed to put it, but I think it has a solid structure and story. And it has good morals. Don't bully! Follow your dreams! Danger is nothing to run from! Good, good, good.

The Lesser of Two Evils

Little known fact: I picked this logline for Teddy to do a treatment on because he forgot to tell Micah he had to pick two that week. Whoops! But, hey, I like the results.It is quite a different treatment than I first imagined, but it is probably better the way it turned out. It isn't nearly as tight as Mars or Bust, but most aren't. And it does do a good job of foreshadowing the big reveal of who started the curse. I think my only other problem with it is the end. It is a good end. It is a Hollywood end. But I think for me it is an end with too few answers.

I am actually ending up surprising myself, and picking Twice Into The Same Stream and Mars or Bust. I'm not even sure why. Maybe I'm avoiding potential favoritism? All I know is that as soon as I reread The Lesser of Two Evils it was obvious that I shouldn't pick it, even though I had thought I was going to pick it. Well. There you go! Teddy can pick which he wants to do which way. I've done my bit.