Ranking 3 Page Treatments 18-21

So we just realized that Teddy's schedule got a little wonky due to our vacation. Whoops! So this last Saturday was supposed to be the day I ranked the Treatments again, but I knew there weren't 5 new ones yet (because he didn't do one our vacation week) so I didn't rank them. He's still figuring out how to adjust his schedules. For now, I will rank!

Treatment 18
Treatment 19
Treatment 20
Treatment 21/Quality 2

The Mantle of Power

This one just didn't stand out. I think the characters were just too weak for me. I didn't get most of their motivations or relationships.

The White Wind

I helped with this one! So, maybe I'm biased, but I really like it. I like the twist that the bad guy was supposed to have been the best friend. I like her becoming more spirit like through the whole treatment. I like it.

That Time of the Month

The title is so punny. Oh so punny.
I really liked this one. You do definitely hear more "Teddy" in it. The only downside is, it barely feels like there's an end. Heck, it barely feels like there's building. Is there an antagonist? My baby understanding of these things isn't good enough to really talk about it. I'm just gonna name this a character piece and call it a day.

In the Line of Fire

This one seriously needed more proof reading. I'm sorry, but it's confusing. The ex-husband, Luke, is Kelly, presumably the ex-wife by the end. Oi.
Aside from that. The story was very compelling. But it fails to answer the question the logline asks. Did she do the right thing? Does she think she did? You almost get an answer, but then the answer is side-stepped for growth. I can appreciate that but it's still frustrating. Good thing for Teddy though is that I think I'm frustrated because I was emotionally invested. So. there's that.

Now, despite how poopy I was to most of them, I think this was a good batch. I did have an easier time picking than usual though. I'm picking The White Wind. I had the least poopy things to say about it. So duh.

Thanks for reading!