He lives!

Hello everyone! I'm back from break, though I'm coming back a little slower than I would've liked (the holiday season kinda beat me up a little).

I know you didn't get to really see what all I was doing (mostly, a lot of reading), but I think it's really gonna pay dividends now.

The biggest change is inspired by Robert McKee; I'm thinking about adjusting how I categorize things. He breaks Stories into Sequences, Sequences into Scenes, and Scenes into Beats. So I'm thinking about breaking my things down that way too; rather than writing loglines, I'll write a Story overview, rather than a 3-page treatment I'll write a Sequence overview, rather than 10-page treatments, Scene overviews, and then screenplays will be filling in the Beats.

I don't know how big or small it's going to appear to be, the main thing is going to be the way I'm thinking about stuff, I guess? We'll see.

Anyway, I'm obviously off to a slow start this week, but I'll make sure to have caught up by the end.