Ideas for interesting characters (and movies that could hold them)

Honorable Mention: To Live For

I think you could pull a lot of interesting characters out of this. Taylor is fun because she's taking such an efficient and goal-oriented approach to suicide. The idea of wanting to kill yourself but being terrified of the afterlife is, I think, really interesting, and Stella could be a lot of fun.

The other members of the suicide group, while underdeveloped in the treatment, could all be done interestingly, I think. These are all characters just filled with inherent conflict and melodrama, but in a setting that would hopefully keep things from getting too dark or over the top.

The Businessman

The movie opens with this guy offering the protagonist a job. He starts with the good. Sickening amounts of money. Complete healthcare. Company car, with money for gas. Even a house.

Then the bad/interesting: in exchange for all of this, he freaking owns the protagonist. He's looking for a personal assistant on steroids. He can call him at 2am because his toilet is overflowing. He can call him because nobody feels like cooking. He can call him, anytime, anywhere, for anything.

This raises a lot of questions about the businessman. Why does he want this? How will he use the protagonist? Is he overbearing, or lenient? Is he taking advantage of the protagonist, or actually offering him a good deal?

And then the protagonist! What do they think about this? Who accepts this deal? Who rejects it? If they take it, and it's awful, are they surprised, or did they know what they were in for? Do they stand up for themselves?

Or maybe it's just a great deal for everyone, everyone gets along, and the movie isn't even about that, it's about something else, and they're just interesting characters. Maybe not even the protagonists.

The Chosen One and the Twin

So there's some magical empire whose leader is always born with magical powers allowing them to rule and lead with power. The leader is killed in a rebellion, and so a new citizen of the empire gets the powers, designating them as the new leader. She's young, untested, and suddenly saddled with the responsibility of running an empire that's in the middle of a massive schism. How does she react? Does she rise to the challenge? Run from responsibility? Crush the rebellion, or sympathize with them?

Now let's suppose she tries to crush the rebellion. It turns out, she has a twin sister. And nobody really realized how the magic works, but the twin got magic powers too - only hers are tied, not to the empire, but to the rebellion. The more powerful the rebels are, the more powerful she is. The empire's conflict is embodied in twin sisters who both understand each other better than anyone else possibly could. They don't want to fight, but are driven to - by their new powers as much as by circumstance.