Ten loglines

I got a Groupon for screenplayscripts.com's screenwriting course, and so I'm going through that right now. It's self-taught, you're just working your way through their instructions. They have exercises every once in a while, and so I figured I'd post some of my exercises here.

Exercise 1 – Using Loglines to Develop Ideas 
Pick a simple core idea – perhaps a father who discovers his wife is missing – and try to create ten loglines with different goals, obstacles and protagonist flaws. Can you come up with ten fundamentally different ideas?

This one obviously resonates with me. I also like the idea of variations of the same logline, and how those can be completely different movies. So, here goes:

The Core Idea:
A girl who discovers she's the heir to the throne.
  1. After finding out that she's the heir to a mighty kingdom, a young girl must navigate the complicated politics necessary to claim her throne.
  2. When a young farmer accidentally proves her worth to the childless king, he grants her his crown - provided she can complete his two other challenges.
  3. After slaying the dragon that ravaged the countryside, a young huntress is granted a duchy of her own - only to find politics more dangerous than any dragon ever was.
  4. A young noblewoman with a peasant love plans to elope - but before she can, finds out that she's been arranged to marry the King. She must decide between her true love - or her lust for power.
  5. A young noblewoman in a troubled kingdom plans to elope with a foreigner and leave everything behind - but before she can, finds out that she's been arranged to marry the King. She must decide between leaving her troubles, or trying to fix them.
  6. When a successful blogger discovers that, through a winding series of parentage and bastardry, she has a claim on the throne of England, she presses her claim as a stunt. However, she finds out that Queen Elizabeth takes these things seriously - dead seriously.
  7. When a comedienne runs for political office on a platform of "Free pizza and no more Nickelback," she unexpectedly finds herself a senator - and starts trying to make good on her promises.
  8. When a comedienne accidentally gets herself elected a Senator, she starts shaking up congressional culture - especially when she finds out about a massive conspiracy of bribery and corruption, and refuses to stay quiet.
  9. When a modern democracy revolts and installs a monarchy, their main contention is how to determine the monarch. A teenage girl finds herself the chosen queen of a surprisingly large faction vying for random selection, and has to figure out what she thinks about that.
  10. In a world where genetics can be decided in the womb, nobody is entirely sure what to do when a young doctor genetically manipulates her daughter into being the daughter of the queen.
That was fun. I liked being able to tweak loglines into entirely new loglines, and draw off of them all to make a new one. I think I'll play around with this idea in the future.