So, I just spent, like, an hour rearranging all the stuff I had for Messiah out of chronological order, and into... storyological order. Doing it definitely made me realize writing it in chronological order was a bad idea to begin with. Moving from scene to scene is an important part of writing, and when you're not writing in something like the order you're going to stick with, it's really really hard to do that well. I had to drop a handful of scenes, and I know the final draft is going to have more rewriting and reorganizing than it would've otherwise had.

On top of that, I love WriterDuet, but rearranging scenes is not a fluid process. Lots of waiting for WriterDuet to think and do what you told it to do. It got better when I switched to the offline app, but it was still frustrating.

So, my page count dropped, but this is good. It was always going to have to happen, and now it won't have to happen later in the process when I'd probably have to drop even more.

The oddly scary part is evaluating the individual plotlines and how they fit with everything else. It's like, I feel like I would've made very different choices as to what's happening in an individual plotline if I'd been writing it as it is now, choices that I won't make when I'm just reorganizing and rewriting. It's almost enough to make me want to do a page 1 rewrite.

I'm not against page 1 rewrites. I think they can be a really helpful thing, as sucky as it is to need one. But that would definitely go against the spirit of what I'm doing here, prioritizing finishing over doing the best I possibly can. I already have to keep reminding myself what I'm doing here.

The idea is that, while an individual screenplay won't be as good this way as it would be if I gave each screenplay as much time as it needed, my writing will improve more and faster in a given period of time. It just really sucks to make myself not perfect a screenplay that I know could be better.