This Month's Screenplay

I've been decompressing from writing a first draft in a week, but now I'm a week into the month and still haven't even chosen an idea for what screenplay I'm writing this month. So I guess I need to pick something.

The simple solution is to pick from one of the treatments I've written here before, so let's go over some of my favorites:

The White Wind

I did really like this idea, and I still do, but to be perfectly honest, I like it so much I'm afraid I wouldn't do it justice in three weeks. That's not a great reason not to do it, so it's still high on the list, but I am going to look at other options.

To Live For

This is another idea I really like, but for whatever reason, it seems more attainable in three weeks time. It is a comedy, though, which I'm less experienced with, and a dark comedy at that, so I'd still be nervous about doing it in such a short time. Like, I know everything is going to be hurt by that, and if this is how I'm going to be writing most/all of my screenplays from now on it'll probably happen this way eventually, but still, I don't have a lot of experience writing this quickly yet. We'll see.


This isn't actually one I posted here, but it's a script I've been writing for a while now - I'm on page 60 or so. I think finishing it in a month (rather than starting something new from scratch) would still be allowed, especially given that this screenplay (and the time I've put into it without finishing it) is part of the inspiration for writing a screenplay a month.


This is another screenplay I've actually worked on in the past, though I'd probably start over from scratch. This one has the advantage of having had more work put into it than the first two, but also better fits what I'm doing here than Messiah because I would be starting from page 1.


I could just keep on listing others I liked, but this is enough of a list to decide between, I think.

I think I can rule The White Wind out for now, because I want it to have at least a full month to develop it. With its specialized mythology and whatnot, I suspect it'll be more difficult that the others to just buckle down and break through trouble spots in the writing process.

I'm going to say no to Adversary for now too, because it's a big screenplay as I have it planned right now - I think I'd want to cut it in half, and focus either entirely on the prison break, or entirely on the war. And again, I'd want at least the full month to make that decision - ideally, I make the decision like a week before the month starts.

So that leaves Messiah and To Live For, and I think I'm going to go with Messiah. I think it'll be good for me to finish it, given all the time I've given to it already. Plus, I'm afraid that if I put it off too long, I'd kind of lose my place, lose track of what I was doing. 

So, there we go. I'm finishing Messiah this month. That's exciting. Next post I'll give a summary of the story and where I'm at in the creation process.