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End of the month

So, I finished (and finally titled) The Destroyer, and technically finished the second draft of Shadows. The Destroyer came out pretty okay - of course, by "pretty okay" what I mean here is "pretty close to the story I'd imagined," which I think is good for roughly a week of outlining and two weeks of writing. I'm now sitting on it for a month; I'll let you know come September if I think it's actually any good. The real victim here was Shadows, though. I, uh... I really dropped the ball on that one. I wasted a lot of my time editing tiny, inconsequential stuff, and didn't give it the time needed to make the bigger, structural changes necessary. All in all, the second draft is far  too similar to the first for my taste. But rules are rules, and I've definitely learned a lot from my mistakes here. Next month, editing Messiah, I think I'm going to completely ignore small issues - maybe even letting weird oddities like introducing a cha

These Screenplays Will Suck

...At least the early ones. Or maybe especially the early ones. I know it's something I should've known, and it is something I've known, but it's only now, as I wrestle with editing Shadows that it's really sinking in: yes, these screenplays are going to suck. I'm hammering them out while working on other screenplays and it's not my full-time job. Plus I'm just not good at writing quickly yet. All these factors (and more!) are combining to make sure the stuff I pump out is going to be sub-standard. The specific circumstance that's making me realize this is my grand ideas for Shadows. I've got a lot of big changes I want to make to it (as is natural for a screenplay written in a week), but I need to put a lot of effort into this month's screenplay, too, and I just don't have time to do everything I want to do at the quality level I'd like to do it in. And in a couple months, when I'm editing two screenplays while writing a thir

This Month's Screenplay

Just got back in town from a friend's wedding, and now I'm about to dive into writing this month's screenplay (as of yet untitled). I still haven't figured out how much I want to write here about what I'm writing about, but I can give you the general idea. Basically, this is a story about the unknowable. It's about a woman who gets the power to manipulate life and nature - she can make trees grow overnight, heal deadly wounds, control animals, etc.. But she has no idea why she got them - like, she doesn't know their source, nor the reason. That's what the emphasis of the story is - trying to figure out what is going on and why it's happening, moreso than the powers themselves. This gets more complicated when they realize that the massive storm that's been approaching the coast seems to be being caused by someone with powers like hers. I don't want there to be any "sage" character who's been studying the occult or whatever

You know what? No.

I changed my mind. Editing schedule is a month off between each draft. So month one is first draft, month two is off, month three is second draft, month four is off, month five is final draft. I'm not actually spending any more time editing (except on Shadows, but again, I didn't really do much for it the past two weeks), just giving myself more time to sit on screenplays and forget as much as I can about them (an important part of the editing process), and making things line up a little cleaner (no half-month deadlines).

Progress Report

So I just finished my second first draft as a part of this project, which is definitely exciting, having two first drafts to edit. Shadows is... well, it hasn't gotten as much work as I would've liked to have given it by this point. There are a couple factors in play. I did take a two-week break after finishing it before starting on editing it. This was deliberate (if not predetermined), and I think will be the plan from now on. I'm going ahead and saying three months of editing instead of two, because I'm planning on a three-draft system, with a two-week break between each draft. So if I wrote a first draft in the first month, I'll start the second draft of a screenplay halfway through the second month, and continue up until halfway through the third month. Then I'll take another break, and work on the third draft all through the fourth month.  So this wasn't something I'd decided to do at the start of the month, and so Shadows has seen two weeks