End of the month

So, I finished (and finally titled) The Destroyer, and technically finished the second draft of Shadows.

The Destroyer came out pretty okay - of course, by "pretty okay" what I mean here is "pretty close to the story I'd imagined," which I think is good for roughly a week of outlining and two weeks of writing. I'm now sitting on it for a month; I'll let you know come September if I think it's actually any good.

The real victim here was Shadows, though. I, uh... I really dropped the ball on that one. I wasted a lot of my time editing tiny, inconsequential stuff, and didn't give it the time needed to make the bigger, structural changes necessary. All in all, the second draft is far too similar to the first for my taste. But rules are rules, and I've definitely learned a lot from my mistakes here.

Next month, editing Messiah, I think I'm going to completely ignore small issues - maybe even letting weird oddities like introducing a character a scene late or whatever stay - in favor of only big structural issues. Basically, if I need to add, remove, or at least move a scene, I'll do that in draft 2. I can remodel scenes that exist too, but generally, changes within a scene, that only impact that scene, I'll probably save for draft 3. I need to have a system.

I also need to pick what screenplay I'll be writing next month, but I guess that can wait until tomorrow.

Until then!