Progress Report

So I just finished my second first draft as a part of this project, which is definitely exciting, having two first drafts to edit. Shadows is... well, it hasn't gotten as much work as I would've liked to have given it by this point. There are a couple factors in play.

I did take a two-week break after finishing it before starting on editing it. This was deliberate (if not predetermined), and I think will be the plan from now on. I'm going ahead and saying three months of editing instead of two, because I'm planning on a three-draft system, with a two-week break between each draft. So if I wrote a first draft in the first month, I'll start the second draft of a screenplay halfway through the second month, and continue up until halfway through the third month. Then I'll take another break, and work on the third draft all through the fourth month. 

So this wasn't something I'd decided to do at the start of the month, and so Shadows has seen two weeks less of work than I'd been thinking. This is fine. What's less fine is that even when I started work on it, I didn't really do a lot. I'm starting to realize the editing process is really going to be the hard part of my screenplay-a-month thing. I'm sure it'll be manageable if I can just figure out the timing, but I haven't figured it out yet.

I do want to set some sort of hard limit on how long I can edit a screenplay, but for now I'm leaving it nebulous. I still have the plan, but I'm going to be less strict about sticking to that than I am about finishing the first draft in a month. Worst case scenario, if I'm ever sitting on a backlog of first drafts, I'll take a month off from writing a new first draft and just do a whole bunch of editing. 

So that's where I'm at with that: supposedly-but-not-actually halfway through the second draft of Shadows, and waiting two weeks to start editing Messiah.

Now I need to figure out this month's screenplay. I think, rather than going with the ideas I had before, I want to do something completely new here - I want a pure experience, from nothing to first draft in one month. I have nothing against working from previous outlines, and in an ideal world I'd probably be outlining each month's story the month before, but this is something I need to know if I'm capable of, so. 

I'm figuring the first week (tops) for outlining, and then the rest of the month writing. I'm going out of town for a few days for a friend's wedding and I'm sure I won't get much (if any) writing done then, but I can't really assume I'll always have a perfect month for writing, so I'm okay with that.

Now all that's left is to actually figure out what this month's screenplay is. I'm thinking I'll spend today and maybe tomorrow bouncing ideas around in my head, and I'll post an update when I've got the idea more or less settled.