These Screenplays Will Suck

...At least the early ones. Or maybe especially the early ones.

I know it's something I should've known, and it is something I've known, but it's only now, as I wrestle with editing Shadows that it's really sinking in: yes, these screenplays are going to suck. I'm hammering them out while working on other screenplays and it's not my full-time job. Plus I'm just not good at writing quickly yet. All these factors (and more!) are combining to make sure the stuff I pump out is going to be sub-standard.

The specific circumstance that's making me realize this is my grand ideas for Shadows. I've got a lot of big changes I want to make to it (as is natural for a screenplay written in a week), but I need to put a lot of effort into this month's screenplay, too, and I just don't have time to do everything I want to do at the quality level I'd like to do it in. And in a couple months, when I'm editing two screenplays while writing a third? I'll have even less time.

So now I'm having to decide whether I want to implement big changes, OR make the stuff I already have any good. Neither option is good, I want to do both. I know I'll have a third draft to make the changes I make now good, but ideally the third draft is just polishing, not, like, anything structural - which it'll have to be if I'm making sweeping changes like this.

I'm sure in the future I'll get better at all of this, and hopefully I'll reach a point where I don't need to make this either-or decision at all. But for now, I think I'm going to go with fixing what I've got rather than making all the huge changes I want to make. Hopefully that's the right choice.