Slowing Down

All right, it's finally gotten to be enough. I was getting burnt out, so I'm indefinitely ceasing the screenplay a month thing. I would've continued until I'd finished my first (Shadows), but, I know that with the same pace it would've ended up rather unfinished anyway, so.

I realized I've written four screenplays so far out here, and I'm in the middle of a fifth, when I came out to LA having only three. Four and a half screenplays is plenty for me to work on for now. I've gotten some quantity done, time to do some quality.

My basic plans for the screenplays are as follows:

  • SHADOWS: Page one rewrite. I like the basic ideas behind it, which is why I'm going to keep working on it, but it has so many structural issues it's just going to be easier to start over. 
  • MESSIAH: Currently has three timelines, and I'm cutting out one of them. That's going to require strengthening and lengthening the other two. A relatively heavy third draft, so there'll probably be a fourth as well.
  • THE DESTROYER: I'm in the middle of draft two, and I like where it's going so far. Basically fine and on schedule, though without a deadline, it'll probably be finished around the middle of next month, instead of the end of this month.
  • TO LIVE FOR: I'm just gonna sit on this one for a while longer. I've got my hands full with everything else, and it's always good to have halfway forgotten your screenplay between drafts - especially when it's something new to you, like teen drama is to me.
  • PSYCOP: I'm going to keep working on it, but part of the motivation behind stopping the schedule is realizing this one needs its time. It's intricate in a way my other screenplays haven't been. Expect the first draft by the end of the year; subsequent drafts will come much faster.
I'll probably (not definitely) start a new screenplay when I finish Psycop, but it could be sooner or later depending on how everything else goes.

The meta-deadline for all of these is April-ish of next year, when the Nicholl's submissions open. You can submit up to three screenplays, so I want to have my three strongest polished and ready. At the moment, I'm thinking it's going to be Messiah and The Destroyer, but the third is anyone's game - if I write a sixth first draft by January, that one could even be in the running. We'll see what happens.