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Logline 241 - Tomb World

When an exploration crew checking out potentially habitable planets finds a empty planet littered with tech more advanced than anything they've ever seen, they have to find out why the planet is abandoned before they can flag it for science crews. And it was definitely abandoned for a reason...

Logline 240 - Infinite

When a girl living in an infinite city pisses off a high-ranking mayor, she's forced to run through the planes to survive.

Logline 239 - Fidelity

When a woman is convinced her husband is cheating, she goes to increasingly elaborate measures to seduce him while pretending to be someone else.

Logline 238 - Esperanza

When a young illegal immigrant starts getting visions of ICE and police raids, an orphan coyote uses her to evade capture and become a smuggling kingpin.

Logline 237 - Sober

When a werewolf is drugged at a bar and unintentionally wolfs out and kills everyone, she struggles to evade notice and capture until morning.

Logline 236 - Whatever's Coming

Two warring generals are forced to work together to survive the storm of the century.

Logline 235 - Tales

When a wandering storyteller starts telling stories implying the local lord has committed various crimes, the lord struggles to get him to shut up without looking guilty.

Logline 234 - Your Biggest Fan

When a famous singer is kidnapped, a fanatic fan takes it upon herself to find him... even though she's the lead suspect.

Logline 232 - Inertia

When a physicist's husband threatens to leave her when she's on the verge of a huge breakthrough, she has to decide where her priorities are.

Logline 231 - The Hunted

An immortal wanderer hunts the demon who killed her family across revolutionary war.

Logline 230 - Total War

When the war reaches their town, a high school class bands together to escape to a neighboring country.

Logline 229 - Satan Is Not Dead

After a scientist conclusively disproves God, the Devil emerges from hiding to wreak havoc, and only the scientist has the tools to stop him.

Logline 228 - Killing Time

A teacher finds out her new neighbor is a time traveler from the year 2200. He says he's here as a tourist, but she soon finds reason to suspect more nefarious motives.

Logline 227 - The Huntress

In a post-apocalyptic wilderness, a town reached by monsters is about to pick up and run when a professional monster hunter arrives - forcing them to choose between survival and peace.

Logline 226 - Mountains

The daughter of a murdered sheriff tracks her father's killer across the wilderness as he toys with her.

Logline 225 - Ash in Your Mouth

A sergeant gets the promotion he's been gunning for, but rather than staying on the front lines, he's disgusted to find himself running a labor camp. He has to decide how much of his humanity he's willing to sacrifice to continue advancing.

Logline 224 - The Center of the Universe

A group of deep-space astronauts in the near future find themselves drafted into an intergalactic war against an ancient evil that's the source of entropy.

Logline 223 - Doomsday

When a supervillain's doomsday weapon works, the hero who was fighting him has mere hours to save as many people as he can.

Logline 222 - Permanence

A dishonored crusader leaves Jerusalem and heads east, not caring where he'll wind up - until he encounters a minor noble desperate for help against a vicious bandit king.

Logline 221 - Losing and Finding

A dying explorer searches for a mythical city deep in the Amazon - desperate to find it before he dies.

Logline 220 - Must Be Hard

When a once-promising entrepreneur's business fails miserably, she gets a job working at her grandparents' travel agency.

Logline 219 - Deep Shit

A plumber who launders money for the mob steals a cool million from them and runs to Ecuador. The hitman they send after him enjoys Ecuador, and they wind up unknowingly becoming friends.

Logline 218 - Got It

A failed college athlete sets out to sabotage the GPA of the entirety of his former team.

3-Page 27 - Kill Hitler

I really enjoyed this idea, and it was a lot of fun to write, but surprisingly difficult to find a satisfying ending for. I'm still not in love with it, and it's definitely prone to change if and when I do a longer treatment/actually write it.

Based on this logline: An eccentric billionaire finances a young scientific prodigy's attempt to build a time machine, on the condition that he be the first person to use it. The scientist has to unearth the billionaire's motives before she finishes the machine, lest he do something unethical or dangerous.

Logline 217 - The Enemy

A scientist successfully brings a fully dead man back to life - complete with memories of hellfire and damnation.

Logline 216 - You Can't Take It With You

A family of ghosts finds a living family uncannily similar to themselves, so they possess all of them and try to adapt to modern life among the living.

Logline 215 - Lean

When a couple discovers they both have aggressive cancers, they navigate treatment together.

Logline 214 - Moonset

A horror movie monster befriends a group of children and starts protecting them from other monsters.

Logline 213 - The Insurgent

A failed drill sergeant accidentally finds he has a knack for rallying terrorists, and decides that if he's leading them, he can stop them from hurting anyone who doesn't deserve it.

Logline 212 - Lazy River

In the 40s, a twelve-year-old runs away from home on a homemade raft, drifting down the Mississippi. His parents, certain he's been kidnapped, launch a nationwide witch-hunt for the kidnapper.

Logline 213 - Tracks

When a world-famous hunter goes to South America to find a missing prince, he finds the prince has gone native - in violent fashion.

Logline 211 - The Day Before

The wife of a man who lives his life backwards knows that today is her last day with him, and tries to find some way to keep him.

Logline 210 - With It

When a college dropout joins her grandfather's fax repair company, she discovers the whole thing is a money laundering operation, and she fits right in.

Logline 209 - The Sleepers

When an entire town starts having the same nightmare every night, a Freudian psych student home for summer tries to decipher the message before everyone in the town goes mad for lack of sleep.

Logline 208 - Detestable

A retired supervillain accidentally becomes a superhero when he tries to clean up his neighborhood to raise the property value. He finds he likes the positive attention, but along with attention comes digging into his past...

Logline 207 - Fighter

A teenage hoodlum gets caught vandalizing a martial arts dojo, and the master agrees not to press charges if the teen studies under him.

Logline 206 - To Dust

A teenage girl inherits her grandmother's funeral parlour and wrestles with the responsibilities and her parents'desire to sell the business.

Logline 205 - Honeymoon

After their entire family and most of their friends die in a freak accident at their wedding, a young couple moves to a new country in an attempt to cope.

Logline 204 - Looking Up

As increasingly superpowered heroes and villains appear in her city, an alcoholic reporter does her best to keep up with news without losing her life or her sanity.

Logline 203 - Fight Back

A champion boxer accidentally kills his opponent in a fight, and takes time off to find peace with it.

Logline 202 - The Butcher

An ardent carnivore adopts a piglet to prove to raise and butcher himself to prove that he doesn't have a problem with eating meat.

Logline 201 - Psychopomp

A just and virtuous soldier who dies in battle defending the innocent finds his soul in high demand. He has to make the perilous journey to the afterlife, guided and protected by a pair of guardians sent to get him there safely.

Logline 200 - Pluto

A mission to the edge of the universe finds a strange realm that seems to be populated by Earth's dead. When leaving proves more difficult than arriving, the crew starts to wonder if they really did fly there - or if they're all dead.

Logline 199 - Maiden

When his family moves to rural Maine, a teenager meets the spirit of a young girl who had drowned in the lake. She slowly seduces him into helping her drown others.

Logline 198 - Molehill

The prom queen, bored to tears in the summer before college, makes it her project to get her overweight loser classmate in shape for college.

Logline 197 - Just to Try It

A pair of deli workers kill a man, just to see what it's like. The guilt proves more intrusive than they expected, and they both deal with the stress in different ways.

Logline 196 - & Associates

A rookie lawyer stumbles upon a massive scandal at her new firm; when it's made clear she can't stop it, she decides the only option she has is to kill everyone involved.

Logline 195 - The Chauffeur

An elderly french tourist visiting Florida gets carjacked and forced to drive a group of bank robbers in a massive police chase.

Logline 194 - I'd Like to Tell You

A white-collar wageslave starts his new job after a year-long soul-searching trip across South America, but has trouble adjusting to normal life again.

Logline 193 - Sam's a Boss

A high school sophomore switches schools due to being bullied, and does his best to reinvent himself at his new school.

Logline 192 - The Size of the Fight

When an international assassin's brother dies, he gives up the game to take in his niece and nephew. But he's still got his share of enemies...

Logline 191 - Once in a While

A newly widowed seamstress leaves the big city to retire to a quiet village, taking her three children with her. All four of them have trouble adapting to life without their husband and father, and without city comforts, and struggle to find where they fit in this new life.

Logline 190 - Brutal

A 7-foot-tall brawler who's never lost a fight declares that he'll take all challengers. When a 5-foot-nothing twerp with a chip on his shoulder takes the challenge, rather than crushing him, the brawler takes him as a student.

Logline 189 - The Dragonslayers

A group of thieves and criminals prepare for the ultimate heist: stealing from a stellar dragon's planet full of treasure, right under the dragon's nose. However, when the dragon wakes up on the warpath mere days before they can launch their heist, they realize they're the only ones in the galaxy who are prepared enough to kill the dragon before it can wreak its havoc.

Logline 188 - Or Alive

When an infamous bandit turns himself in for the reward money, the sheriff has to decide if the bandit really does want the money to help his sick family, or if there's something more nefarious in the works.

Logline 187 - The Pack

When a vigilante starts hunting members of a violent gang, the gang leader has to resort to desperate measures to save his friends.

Logline 186 - 18 hours, 22 minutes

An Antarctic research team loses contact with the rest of the world, bit by bit. They struggle to determine what's happening, if it's going to happen to them, and what they should do about it.

Logline 185 - Sooner or Later

An elite psychic agent works to prevent a nuclear holocaust by killing the leaders of the free world. Meanwhile, a counter-psychic works to stop her - whether by force, or persuasion.

Logline 184 - The Businessman's Son

When a high-stakes salesman's son is kidnapped, he runs the negotiation like one of his sales - to the kidnappers' chagrin.

Logline 183 - Really?

When a a kid sees his next door neighbor robbing a convenience store, rather than turn him in, he blackmails him into helping with chores and homework. And when he needs some extra money, he knows who can help him find some...

Logline 182 - The Empty Throne

An heirless queen abandons her throne to risk her life slaying the dragon that's terrorized her people.

Logline 181 - White Peace

Two warring lords, once childhood friends, both press for peace, but their vassals refuse to forgive their enemies.

Logline 180 - Trust Me

A homeless man who lives in the woods finds a pile of dead bodies - but the only people who believe him think he's the one who killed them.

Logline 179 - Embarrassed to Even Ask

The biggest nerd in the world is worshipped by legions of geeks, has two wildly successful podcasts, his own board game company, and is completely miserable. But a chance encounter with an insecure gym rat - who loves his work - gives him a chance to reinvent himself.

Logline 178 - Fuel for the Fire

A lone hiker starts hearing voices in campfires, urging him to start more fires.

Logline 177 - Service Animal

When a civilian gets blinded in a warzone, it's up to his faithful dog to get him to safety.

Logline 176 - To Each His Own

When a retired clown being held hostage accidentally ends up arrested with the robbers holding him, he winds up being the only one with the unique skills necessary to break them all out.

Logline 175 - Hair of the Dog

When a hitman's mob boss won't let him retire, he retires anyway - and just keeps killing everyone sent after him.

Logline 174 - Empyrean Blue

A spy deep behind enemy lines sets up a cover identity as an itinerant farmhand... And winds up liking their fake life more than their real one.

New 3-page treatment!

So, I'm doing more than just loglines again. I'll say one more time, I'm not sticking to any particular schedule anymore (other than trying to keep with a logline every weekday), so I don't promise a new one each week or anything like that. I am already working on my next one, though, so we'll see what happens.

3-Page 26 - By the Sword

Did I actually write the logline for this one? I actually don't think I did. Oh well. Basically, this is just an idea I head for a first act, and then I came up with the rest of the movie to go with it. Very bottle-episodey, maybe should be a play instead of a movie, but whatever.

Logline 173 - Victim

An international sensation: teenage kidnap victim escapes, beats kidnappers to death. But adjusting to life as a killer - even a popular, justified one - proves to be the greater challenge.

Logline 172 - The How

When a revolutionary accidentally kills her entire team while making a bomb, she goes off the rails and stops caring about anything but the Cause.

Logline 171 - Big Shark

When a rookie saleswoman lands the biggest sale of the decade, she has to fight tooth and claw to keep the credit for herself - without losing the sale to the company's competitors.

Logline 170 - Destined

When the prince destined to save the world from a great evil dies in a training accident, his peasant lover sets out to slay the evil herself.

Logline 169 - It Ain't So Bad

An elderly doctor enters hospice care, ready to die, and he winds up having a great time. No stress, round-the-clock care... if only he weren't dying.

Logline 168 - The 'Zine

A bored high school teacher starts a subversive magazine with his detention students. Things get complicated when they become a nationwide success.

Logline 167 - The Peace of the Grave

When the greatest of the Five Martial Masters embarks on a quest to kill the other four, his niece travels with him in an effort to persuade him to stop - or at least understand why he's doing it.

Logline 166 - The Deep Places

When a 20th century hunter unwittingly kills the god of the island he's visiting, the dark spirits in the water are unleashed.

Logline 165 - Smash Hit

When a former action star beats up a dude in a barfight, he develops a taste for real violence, and soon finds himself in a world of underground fighting, and even outright murder.

Logline 164 - Staunch Supporter

An important politician runs away, hiding from his responsibilities in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, a wannabe blogger finds fame leading the search.

Logline 163 - The Smuggler

An imprisoned pirate with a knack for violence is offered a full pardon if he smuggles the crown prince safely through enemy territory.

Logline 162 - Buffalo

A retired sheriff kills a murderous bandit; but when he finds the bandit's two starving kids, he takes them in as his own.

Logline 161 - Oracle

When a deep-space exploration crew finds their own ship from one month in the future, drifting in space with themselves dead inside, they have to figure out what happened before the month is up.

Logline 160 - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Demonology

A girl and her brother summon a demon just to see if they can. Once it's there, though, they have their hands full stopping it from being destructive and evil.

Logline 159 - A Matter of Time

When a band of guerilla scouts see that the military is on its way to their base in overwhelming force, they have to get back first in order to warn their brothers.

Logline 158 - Failure of Imagination

A wandering gun-for-hire agrees to spare his target in exchange for payment, but soon finds it difficult to keep his former target from revealing he's actually alive.

What I'm doing

This blog is basically just a place for me to post whatever I'm working on, because pretending other people are reading it makes it easier for me to stick to a structure.

Logline 157 - How Small a Spark

When an office drone finds an unaddressed note implying his wife is having an affair, he lays waste to his life looking for proof that may not even exist.

Logline 156 - Heartstrings

A struggling performer stows away on a foreign trading vessel, and rebrands himself as an outcast royal. Things get tricky, though, when a wave of sympathy leads to calls for his host nation to help him take back his throne.

Logline 155 - No Man is an Island

After both of their wives die, a man and his father move in together and have to adjust to their new life together.

Logline 154 - Bleed

When a paramedic on his way home from work gets caught in the middle of a gang shootout, he soon finds himself shanghaied into patching up wounded gang members on the frontlines.

Logline 153 - Apostate

When a reviled villain returns to her long-abandoned monastery, claiming repentance, her victim's former apprentice has to decide if she's truly had a change of heart, or if it's all part of another plot.


I've been working on a screenplay with my wife, tentatively titled Figment. It's about an illusionist who takes his dead rival's daughter as his apprentice. We're almost done with the first draft, and it's been a novel experience in a couple ways I thought were worth writing about.
First, this is the first thing I've written with a partner, and it's the first time my wife has officially done any writing. I've been trying to convince her to give it a shot sometime because of how big a role she has in my writing anyway; I told her, she doesn't have to do half the work, just a little bit more than she was doing already, and she'd deserve a spot on the cover page.
So I am doing most of the work, especially on the first draft. We talked out the outline together a lot, and now I've been doing the actual writing, while we discuss what I've written occasionally. The plan is for her to take a larger role in the editing; it'll basically still …

Logline 152 - Rat

After a dead underboss's daughter convinces the Family that the boss responsible for her father's death is a rat, she has to find the real rat before the Family figures out her lie.