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Logline 166 - The Deep Places

When a 20th century hunter unwittingly kills the god of the island he's visiting, the dark spirits in the water are unleashed.

Logline 165 - Smash Hit

When a former action star beats up a dude in a barfight, he develops a taste for real violence, and soon finds himself in a world of underground fighting, and even outright murder.

Logline 164 - Staunch Supporter

An important politician runs away, hiding from his responsibilities in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, a wannabe blogger finds fame leading the search.

Logline 163 - The Smuggler

An imprisoned pirate with a knack for violence is offered a full pardon if he smuggles the crown prince safely through enemy territory.

Logline 162 - Buffalo

A retired sheriff kills a murderous bandit; but when he finds the bandit's two starving kids, he takes them in as his own.

Logline 161 - Oracle

When a deep-space exploration crew finds their own ship from one month in the future, drifting in space with themselves dead inside, they have to figure out what happened before the month is up.

Logline 160 - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Demonology

A girl and her brother summon a demon just to see if they can. Once it's there, though, they have their hands full stopping it from being destructive and evil.

Logline 159 - A Matter of Time

When a band of guerilla scouts see that the military is on its way to their base in overwhelming force, they have to get back first in order to warn their brothers.

Logline 158 - Failure of Imagination

A wandering gun-for-hire agrees to spare his target in exchange for payment, but soon finds it difficult to keep his former target from revealing he's actually alive.

What I'm doing

This blog is basically just a place for me to post whatever I'm working on, because pretending other people are reading it makes it easier for me to stick to a structure.

Logline 157 - How Small a Spark

When an office drone finds an unaddressed note implying his wife is having an affair, he lays waste to his life looking for proof that may not even exist.

Logline 156 - Heartstrings

A struggling performer stows away on a foreign trading vessel, and rebrands himself as an outcast royal. Things get tricky, though, when a wave of sympathy leads to calls for his host nation to help him take back his throne.

Logline 155 - No Man is an Island

After both of their wives die, a man and his father move in together and have to adjust to their new life together.

Logline 154 - Bleed

When a paramedic on his way home from work gets caught in the middle of a gang shootout, he soon finds himself shanghaied into patching up wounded gang members on the frontlines.

Logline 153 - Apostate

When a reviled villain returns to her long-abandoned monastery, claiming repentance, her victim's former apprentice has to decide if she's truly had a change of heart, or if it's all part of another plot.


I've been working on a screenplay with my wife, tentatively titled Figment. It's about an illusionist who takes his dead rival's daughter as his apprentice. We're almost done with the first draft, and it's been a novel experience in a couple ways I thought were worth writing about. First, this is the first thing I've written with a partner, and it's the first time my wife has officially done any writing. I've been trying to convince her to give it a shot sometime because of how big a role she has in my writing anyway; I told her, she doesn't have to do half the work, just a little bit more than she was doing already, and she'd deserve a spot on the cover page. So I am doing most of the work, especially on the first draft. We talked out the outline together a lot, and now I've been doing the actual writing, while we discuss what I've written occasionally. The plan is for her to take a larger role in the editing; it'll basically

Logline 152 - Rat

After a dead underboss's daughter convinces the Family that the boss responsible for her father's death is a rat, she has to find the real rat before the Family figures out her lie.