What I'm doing

This blog is basically just a place for me to post whatever I'm working on, because pretending other people are reading it makes it easier for me to stick to a structure.

In the past, I had a bunch of hard rules: A new logline every weekday, then every Saturday I rank them and pick one to turn into a short treatment. Then every month I'd pick one short treatment to turn into a long treatment, and then the next month I'd start a screenplay based on the long treatment.

I'm trying to get back into loglines every day again, but I'm less structured for everything after that. I'll still be posting treatments and drafts as I write them, and I hope to get back to a groove of finishing screenplays, though I don't think I'll get up to one a month. Maybe one every three months, we'll see.

I'll post my thoughts about whatever I'm working on, and may start adding some thoughts below loglines on occasion - just, like, thoughts about where I might go with a logline, or where it came from.

As always, though, any definitive drafts, from first to last, will always be available for everyone to read.