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Logline 189 - The Dragonslayers

A group of thieves and criminals prepare for the ultimate heist: stealing from a stellar dragon's planet full of treasure, right under the dragon's nose. However, when the dragon wakes up on the warpath mere days before they can launch their heist, they realize they're the only ones in the galaxy who are prepared enough to kill the dragon before it can wreak its havoc.

Logline 188 - Or Alive

When an infamous bandit turns himself in for the reward money, the sheriff has to decide if the bandit really does want the money to help his sick family, or if there's something more nefarious in the works.

Logline 187 - The Pack

When a vigilante starts hunting members of a violent gang, the gang leader has to resort to desperate measures to save his friends.

Logline 186 - 18 hours, 22 minutes

An Antarctic research team loses contact with the rest of the world, bit by bit. They struggle to determine what's happening, if it's going to happen to them, and what they should do about it.

Logline 185 - Sooner or Later

An elite psychic agent works to prevent a nuclear holocaust by killing the leaders of the free world. Meanwhile, a counter-psychic works to stop her - whether by force, or persuasion.

Logline 184 - The Businessman's Son

When a high-stakes salesman's son is kidnapped, he runs the negotiation like one of his sales - to the kidnappers' chagrin.

Logline 183 - Really?

When a a kid sees his next door neighbor robbing a convenience store, rather than turn him in, he blackmails him into helping with chores and homework. And when he needs some extra money, he knows who can help him find some...

Logline 182 - The Empty Throne

An heirless queen abandons her throne to risk her life slaying the dragon that's terrorized her people.

Logline 181 - White Peace

Two warring lords, once childhood friends, both press for peace, but their vassals refuse to forgive their enemies.

Logline 180 - Trust Me

A homeless man who lives in the woods finds a pile of dead bodies - but the only people who believe him think he's the one who killed them.

Logline 179 - Embarrassed to Even Ask

The biggest nerd in the world is worshipped by legions of geeks, has two wildly successful podcasts, his own board game company, and is completely miserable. But a chance encounter with an insecure gym rat - who loves his work - gives him a chance to reinvent himself.

Logline 178 - Fuel for the Fire

A lone hiker starts hearing voices in campfires, urging him to start more fires.

Logline 177 - Service Animal

When a civilian gets blinded in a warzone, it's up to his faithful dog to get him to safety.

Logline 176 - To Each His Own

When a retired clown being held hostage accidentally ends up arrested with the robbers holding him, he winds up being the only one with the unique skills necessary to break them all out.

Logline 175 - Hair of the Dog

When a hitman's mob boss won't let him retire, he retires anyway - and just keeps killing everyone sent after him.

Logline 174 - Empyrean Blue

A spy deep behind enemy lines sets up a cover identity as an itinerant farmhand... And winds up liking their fake life more than their real one.

New 3-page treatment!

So, I'm doing more than just loglines again. I'll say one more time, I'm not sticking to any particular schedule anymore (other than trying to keep with a logline every weekday), so I don't promise a new one each week or anything like that. I am already working on my next one, though, so we'll see what happens.

3-Page 26 - By the Sword

Did I actually write the logline for this one? I actually don't think I did. Oh well. Basically, this is just an idea I head for a first act, and then I came up with the rest of the movie to go with it. Very bottle-episodey, maybe should be a play instead of a movie, but whatever.

Logline 173 - Victim

An international sensation: teenage kidnap victim escapes, beats kidnappers to death. But adjusting to life as a killer - even a popular, justified one - proves to be the greater challenge.

Logline 172 - The How

When a revolutionary accidentally kills her entire team while making a bomb, she goes off the rails and stops caring about anything but the Cause.

Logline 171 - Big Shark

When a rookie saleswoman lands the biggest sale of the decade, she has to fight tooth and claw to keep the credit for herself - without losing the sale to the company's competitors.

Logline 170 - Destined

When the prince destined to save the world from a great evil dies in a training accident, his peasant lover sets out to slay the evil herself.

Logline 169 - It Ain't So Bad

An elderly doctor enters hospice care, ready to die, and he winds up having a great time. No stress, round-the-clock care... if only he weren't dying.

Logline 168 - The 'Zine

A bored high school teacher starts a subversive magazine with his detention students. Things get complicated when they become a nationwide success.

Logline 167 - The Peace of the Grave

When the greatest of the Five Martial Masters embarks on a quest to kill the other four, his niece travels with him in an effort to persuade him to stop - or at least understand why he's doing it.