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Logline 230 - Total War

When the war reaches their town, a high school class bands together to escape to a neighboring country.

Logline 229 - Satan Is Not Dead

After a scientist conclusively disproves God, the Devil emerges from hiding to wreak havoc, and only the scientist has the tools to stop him.

Logline 228 - Killing Time

A teacher finds out her new neighbor is a time traveler from the year 2200. He says he's here as a tourist, but she soon finds reason to suspect more nefarious motives.

Logline 227 - The Huntress

In a post-apocalyptic wilderness, a town reached by monsters is about to pick up and run when a professional monster hunter arrives - forcing them to choose between survival and peace.

Logline 226 - Mountains

The daughter of a murdered sheriff tracks her father's killer across the wilderness as he toys with her.

Logline 225 - Ash in Your Mouth

A sergeant gets the promotion he's been gunning for, but rather than staying on the front lines, he's disgusted to find himself running a labor camp. He has to decide how much of his humanity he's willing to sacrifice to continue advancing.

Logline 224 - The Center of the Universe

A group of deep-space astronauts in the near future find themselves drafted into an intergalactic war against an ancient evil that's the source of entropy.

Logline 223 - Doomsday

When a supervillain's doomsday weapon works, the hero who was fighting him has mere hours to save as many people as he can.

Logline 222 - Permanence

A dishonored crusader leaves Jerusalem and heads east, not caring where he'll wind up - until he encounters a minor noble desperate for help against a vicious bandit king.

Logline 221 - Losing and Finding

A dying explorer searches for a mythical city deep in the Amazon - desperate to find it before he dies.

Logline 220 - Must Be Hard

When a once-promising entrepreneur's business fails miserably, she gets a job working at her grandparents' travel agency.

Logline 219 - Deep Shit

A plumber who launders money for the mob steals a cool million from them and runs to Ecuador. The hitman they send after him enjoys Ecuador, and they wind up unknowingly becoming friends.

Logline 218 - Got It

A failed college athlete sets out to sabotage the GPA of the entirety of his former team.

3-Page 27 - Kill Hitler

I really enjoyed this idea, and it was a lot of fun to write, but surprisingly difficult to find a satisfying ending for. I'm still not in love with it, and it's definitely prone to change if and when I do a longer treatment/actually write it. Based on this logline:  An eccentric billionaire finances a young scientific prodigy's attempt to build a time machine, on the condition that he be the first person to use it. The scientist has to unearth the billionaire's motives before she finishes the machine, lest he do something unethical or dangerous.

Logline 217 - The Enemy

A scientist successfully brings a fully dead man back to life - complete with memories of hellfire and damnation.

Logline 216 - You Can't Take It With You

A family of ghosts finds a living family uncannily similar to themselves, so they possess all of them and try to adapt to modern life among the living.

Logline 215 - Lean

When a couple discovers they both have aggressive cancers, they navigate treatment together.

Logline 214 - Moonset

A horror movie monster befriends a group of children and starts protecting them from other monsters.

Logline 213 - The Insurgent

A failed drill sergeant accidentally finds he has a knack for rallying terrorists, and decides that if he's leading them, he can stop them from hurting anyone who doesn't deserve it.

Logline 212 - Lazy River

In the 40s, a twelve-year-old runs away from home on a homemade raft, drifting down the Mississippi. His parents, certain he's been kidnapped, launch a nationwide witch-hunt for the kidnapper.

Logline 213 - Tracks

When a world-famous hunter goes to South America to find a missing prince, he finds the prince has gone native - in violent fashion.

Logline 211 - The Day Before

The wife of a man who lives his life backwards knows that today is her last day with him, and tries to find some way to keep him.