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Logline 254 - Left Standing

A small medieval city, completely ravaged by a hurricane, struggles to rebuild in the immediate aftermath.

Logline 253 - Come Fly With Me

Years after a mob boss has gone completely legitimate, he's caught up in an FBI investigation of his cousin, and he has to decide how strong his loyalty to his family is.

Logline 252 - The First Month

When a young housewife's husband dies, she struggles to keep herself and her two children sane and healthy in the immediate aftermath.

Logline 251 - Apocalypse Soon

When the angel in charge of starting the apocalypse accidentally starts it a thousand years too early, he teams up with a retired Hindu priest and Satan to stop everything before it gets too far out of hand.

Logline 250 - Feral

A brother and sister, raised by wolves, are taken in by an elderly farmer. When the farm is beset by bandits, the siblings fight tooth and nail to protect their benefactor.

Logline 249 - And War

When the Queen's people revolt for Independence, she goes with them, siding with them, and against her husband, the King.

Logline 248 - Apocalyptic

When magical terrorists destroy the entire continent of North America, the rest of the magical world comes out of hiding to help save the world.

Logline 247 - Square One

When a 15-year-old girl starts "remembering" future events, she struggles to convince the adults of an upcoming danger before it's too late.

Logline 246 - Inevitable

When a new doctor's daughter is diagnosed with a rare terminal disease, she abandons her specialty to research cures.

Logline 245 - Dead End

When a graveyard's groundskeeper starts seeing ghosts, he thinks he's going crazy. But the more advice he gets from them, the better he does in life.

Logline 244 - Seven-Zen Split

When a sloppy Buddhist monk discovers he has a talent for bowling, he struggles to stop his hobby from overshadowing his religion.

Logline 243 - Easier to Ask Forgiveness

The IT chief at a major company gets fed up with the company ignoring her security concerns, she launches an all-out cyberattack on her company to force them to adopt her changes. When the company instead capitulates to the "hacker" and grants all of her demands, she has to decide at what point too much is too much.

Logline 242 - Indomitable

After a dying king tasks his two children to protect their people even after the kingdom falls, both take conflicting paths: the son tries to rally and reconquer, while the daughter serves the conquering kingdom in the name of peace. When the siblings find war with each other, their convictions waver.

Logline 241 - Tomb World

When an exploration crew checking out potentially habitable planets finds a empty planet littered with tech more advanced than anything they've ever seen, they have to find out why the planet is abandoned before they can flag it for science crews. And it was definitely abandoned for a reason...

Logline 240 - Infinite

When a girl living in an infinite city pisses off a high-ranking mayor, she's forced to run through the planes to survive.

Logline 239 - Fidelity

When a woman is convinced her husband is cheating, she goes to increasingly elaborate measures to seduce him while pretending to be someone else.

Logline 238 - Esperanza

When a young illegal immigrant starts getting visions of ICE and police raids, an orphan coyote uses her to evade capture and become a smuggling kingpin.

Logline 237 - Sober

When a werewolf is drugged at a bar and unintentionally wolfs out and kills everyone, she struggles to evade notice and capture until morning.

Logline 236 - Whatever's Coming

Two warring generals are forced to work together to survive the storm of the century.

Logline 235 - Tales

When a wandering storyteller starts telling stories implying the local lord has committed various crimes, the lord struggles to get him to shut up without looking guilty.

Logline 234 - Your Biggest Fan

When a famous singer is kidnapped, a fanatic fan takes it upon herself to find him... even though she's the lead suspect.

Logline 232 - Inertia

When a physicist's husband threatens to leave her when she's on the verge of a huge breakthrough, she has to decide where her priorities are.

Logline 231 - The Hunted

An immortal wanderer hunts the demon who killed her family across revolutionary war.