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Logline 286 - Cat and Mouse

When an international spy is cornered in a foreign military headquarters, the only thing she can't do is escape - so she tries to get as much intel as she can before she's caught.

Logline 285 - Hurt People

When a woman accidentally causes the death of her sister, she takes in her sister's kids and tries to raise them as her own.

Logline 284 - Remember

When a middle school girl with a photographic memory unwittingly witnesses her mother's affair, she'll try anything to forget what she saw.

Logline 283 - Conscience

After discovering her latent Divinity, a talented warrior is the only link to humanity that her all-powerful sister has left. She has to protect her sister from those who would use her power for themselves - not because her sister can't defend herself, but because if she did, she'd wipe out entire cities.

Logline 282 - The Ghost

When a ghost possesses the leader of a troupe of ghost hunters, the remaining hunters struggle to escape the ghost's haunted woods.

Logline 281 - Swing By

When a woman out for a jog decides to drop in unannounced on an old friend, she happens to get there just in time to interrupt her friend's kidnappers, and is swept up in the kidnapping herself.

Logline 280 - Transpiritual

When the inventor of a machine that can talk to the dead discovers that her machine is actually talking to something from another dimension, she has to figure out what this thing wants and why it's pretending to be people's dead ancestors.

Logline 279 - Big Deal

When a retired actor stars in what winds up a wildly successful viral marketing campaign, he comes out of retirement to great acclaim, only to find the Hollywood he's reentering to be very different from the Hollywood he left.

Logline 278 - Out for Good

When a mob hitman gets the call to take out his favorite boxer, he instead helps the boxer escape and start a new life as an aerobics instructor.

Logline 277 - Real Scary

When the last vampire in the world decides to stop hiding and just reveal herself, she's shocked to find herself an international sensation. She gets a cartoon, a breakfast cereal... and the attention of the world's last vampire hunter.

Logline 276 - WWJD

When a wildly successful porn producer catches religion, rather than stop making porn, he starts using it as a preaching tool.

Logline 275 - Valentino

In the 90's, When a former drug dealer loses his convenience store job, in order to avoid returning to drugs, he turns instead to selling black market beanie babies.

Logline 274 - The End

After her brother dies in a hospital before she can get there to see him, a young woman sits with a dying old man in the last hours of his life.

Logline 273 - Pale

A soldier behind enemy lines is forced to work with the enemy in order to survive a vicious blizzard.

Logline 272 - Big Game

When a Greek War Elephant goes berserk and flees across the Roman countryside, a small village's most seasoned hunter is tasked with taking the beast down.

Logline 271 - Personal Assistant

When an enthusiastic young golf caddy convinces a billionaire to take him on as his personal assistant, everything is looking up - until he finds out the billionaire expects him to find people for him to hunt for sport.