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Logline 295 - The Clubs

When a dying golfer bequeaths his priceless heirloom set of golf clubs to his next-door neighbor, she tries to figure out why he'd do such a thing before he actually kicks the bucket.

Logline 294 - Sensei

In the year 1599, when a once-respected Samurai is offered a job as a crime boss's enforcer, he wrestles with his principles, and survival. In the year 1999, a crime boss's daughter who's offered the opportunity to get out wrestles with her duty to her family, and desire for a better life.

Logline 293 - Poet with a Chainsaw

When two serial killers realize they're stalking the same group of teens, their arguments over who gets to murder everyone makes it hard to murder anyone.

Logline 292 - All That Glitters

When an international cat burglar is turns himself in after 20 years, the rookie detective newly in charge of the case struggles to determine why - and if perhaps his surrender is a cover for a score yet to come.

Logline 291 - The Cult

When a has-been investigative reporter accidentally kickstarts the resurrection of a long-dead god, rather than try to stop it, she does her best to keep the process going, reporting on it all along the way.

Logline 290 - Hell and Back

A young gambler flees her debts by running into the cursed realm of evil spirits - only to find out one of her debtors is a powerful demon.

Logline 289 - The Landing

When a young girl nurses a wounded bandit back to health, it turns out he's not a bandit, but a fallen good - and the other gods are coming to finish the job.

Logline 288 - Carry More

When a sort-of illegal business gets tagged by the feds, a nobody desk jockey grabs all the sensitive information she can and runs to Panama.

Logline 287 - Lead and Gold

When a disillusioned soldier's dying enemy tells him the location of a hidden treasure, he goes AWOL behind enemy lines to recover it.