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Logline 319 - Back Home

When a superspy retires after a particularly grueling mission, he struggles to adjust to everyday life.

Logline 318 - Garnish

After a chef poisons a mob boss that had been threatening him, he fears repercussions; instead, he finds himself getting contracts for more poisonings.

Treatment - Oracle

This is a complete reimagining of my Psicop idea. I loved a lot of the elements of the idea, but it was just so big and unwieldy, I had trouble keeping hold of it.

This version is contained. The whole movie takes place in a single hospital. The stakes are much lower. I think it gives it a little more intensity even as there may be less action.

Logline 317 - Fire and Brimstone

In the aftermath of an enemy bombing, a pair of orphans try to get into the heart of the bombing to find their missing cousin.

Logline 316 - Don't Look Now

When an elite superspy stumbles upon a plot to rob his favorite restaurant while on a mission, he struggles to find a way to stop the robbery without breaking his cover.

Logline 315 - Me and me

When a man undergoes a bizarre, controversial "personality bifurcation" in order to keep working 24 hours a day, everything goes fine at first. But the later he stays up at night, the more time his new headmate gets during the day...

Logline 314 - Jellyfish

When an aquarium janitor starts getting orders from a telepathic jellyfish, at first she thinks she's crazy - but when following the jellyfish's orders lead to a promotion, more friends, and more confidence, she goes all-in.

Logline 313 - Retro

When a mid-life failure figures out he can travel in time by playing old video games, rather than play the stock market or win the lottery, he attempts to use his powers to save his favorite game developer.

Logline 312 - Gravel

When a poacher stumbles across a hermit squatting on private lands, rather than turn each other in, they start teaching each other.

Logline 311 - Significant Other

When a pair of best friends' kids start dating, they both try to convince their kids to stop. But when they find out the other has been bad-mouthing their kid, things get out of hand.

Logline 310 - Up and Down and Up

When a camera guy witnesses an aerobics instructor murder an underperforming background assistant after hours, he needs to escape the empty studio without getting caught.

Logline 309 - You Punched a Kid

When a substitute teacher gets jumped by a bunch of 8th-graders and defends himself, he has difficulty dealing with the fallout.

Logline 308 - Six Feet Over

After a young obituary writer is possessed by the ghost of his predecessor, he finds himself repeatedly possessed by the newly deceased in order to write their own obituaries.

Logline 307 - And Then

In the 1950s, when a priest gets in a car accident on the way to officiating his estranged niece's wedding, he pulls out all the stops -hitchhiking, gambling for taxi fare, anything to get to the church in time.

Logline 306 - Menace

When a new graffiti masterpiece is found on a grumpy old man's restaurant, he launches a personal crusade to hunt down and murder all of the vandals in the neighborhood.

Logline 305 - You Shouldn't Have

When a tourist accidentally saves the life of the city's biggest crime boss, she finds herself dragged against her will into the most glamorous parts of the underworld in the boss's clueless attempts to show his gratitude.

Logline 304 - Hit the Ground Running

When a passenger plane crashes in the middle of an active warzone, the only two survivors find themselves hunted by both sides.

Logline 303 - Walking About

When a tourist on a trendy "walkabout" in Australia gets separated from the group, he struggles to survive alone in the outback. And the longer help takes to come, the more it seems like he's going to have to find his way home himself.

Logline 302 - Fortunate

When a fortune-teller sees a destructive hurricane in a client's future, but the client just laughs it off, she goes to extraordinary lengths to find out where the hurricane will take place and how to prepare for it.

Logline 301 - Leaves

When a drug dealer's son is killed in a drive-by meant for him, he stops dealing and starts doing everything in his power to clean up his town - whether that's violence, PR, or even working with the cops.

Logline 300 - Optimal

When a sudden solar flare wipes out most of the electronics on earth, five friends at an isolated cabin have to decide if and how they should go back home.

Logline 299 - Desperate Measures

When the city's resident superhero snaps and starts murdering supervillains, his former sidekick rallies the villains in a desperate attempt to rescue them.

Logline 298 - Last of a Dying Breed

When a professional monster hunter's husband is infected by a werewolf, the pair of them have to fight their former allies in order to survive long enough to find a cure.

Logline 297 - Volunteer

When a woman's father is captured by the enemy, she volunteers to go undercover behind enemy lines to find the POW camp and stage a rescue.

Logline 296 - Finality

When a grave robber unearths a man buried alive by his greedy children, he agrees to help the man get revenge on his kids.