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Logline 525 - The Priest of the Invisible

When a teenage boy goes to live with his grandparents and care for his dying grandfather, he expects to be miserable for a summer. Instead, he learns his grandparents' love of poetry and of life.

Logline 524 - The Deep Path

When a trade caravan takes a route through a mysterious underground realm that judges your character, a upright young caravan guard has to do his best to protect his unscrupulous friends and companions - or decide if he really wants to.

Logline 523 - The Dead Man's Diary

When a rookie cop stumbles across a key piece of evidence from a decades-old cold case, she finds herself at the center of a still very active conspiracy that's more than willing to kill to keep its secrets.

Logline 522 - A Crusader in the Yankees' Manager's Office

When a medieval knight from King Arthur's court is inexplicably transported to modern New York, he adapts to life faster than you'd expect... until King Arthur arrives with a rescue party.

Logline 521 - The King's Guest

When the king kills her husband in a friendly duel, a fisherwoman is brought to the king's castle and has to adapt to life in a noble court.

Logline 520 - Killed the Cat

When the preteen son and daughter of a hitman find out their father's profession, they set out to save his latest target, ideally without their father finding out about their meddling.

Logline 519 - I Didn't Even Know You Were Catholic

When a random plumber from New Jersey finds himself elected pope, nobody can figure out why - least of all him.

Logline 518 - Dreams and the Dreamer

When her daughter's nightmares start literally becoming real, a stay-at-home mom ventures into the seedy world of black magic to find out how to make it stop - no matter the cost.

Logline 517 - Fake Laugh

When an international superstar comedian contracts a disease with 99.9% fatality rate, rather than fight it, she vlogs her experience from diagnosis to death.

Logline 516 - Please Stay

When a salesman offends his pregnant girlfriend so bad she leaves him, he has to prove to her that he's changed before she'll let him have anything to do with the birth and the baby.

Logline 515 - No Good

When a mob boss contracts a potentially deadly illness, his entire family independently conspires to kill him and seize control. Rather than try to stop them, he works with the police to take them all down after he dies.

Logline 514 - Laser Sword

When human terrorists introduce crime to an alien utopia, the only ones violent enough to stop the criminals are more humans, who find themselves deputized to hunt down the terrorists.

Logline 513 - Astral

When all the stars in the sky simultaneously shift course to hurtle towards the Earth, a flight attendant whose father was abducted by aliens is the only one who knows what's happening and how to stop it.

Logline 512 - Fear the Reaper

When a realtor's dead father starts haunting the house she's trying to sell, she needs to figure out what's keeping him here and fix it if she wants to ever sell it.

Logline 511 - Standing at the Edge of the World

When an aspiring DJ finds out her family has secretly been working on summoning the Old Gods in a ritual spanning generations, she's the only one who can stop them - and also the only one who can finish the ritual granting her a throne of power in the New World.

Logline 510 - World War II-2

When a World War II vet finds out his grandchildren are neo-Nazis, he goes on a violent crusade against the ones he deems responsible for corrupting them.

Logline 509 - Too Fast

When a high school track star sells her soul to run faster, it works too well, and she finds herself on the run from government agents hoping to discover why she can run 90 miles per hour.

Logline 508 - These Old Bones

When a wannabe necromancer accidentally animates his grandparents' skeletons, he finds their company to be simultaneously exhausting and actually quite pleasant - if only the neighbors didn't mind...

Logline 507 - Missed Connection

When a genie grants a depressed construction worker a second chance with her ex-husband by rewinding time 20 years, she finds him to be much worse than she remembers, and has to decide if it's worth staying with him in order to relive her youth.

Logline 506 - Battle Cry

When subterranean monsters start emerging from the sewers, a teenage plumber is the only one with the guts and the know-how to flood the monsters' home and save her hometown.

Logline 505 - Like There's No Tomorrow

When war breaks out on the first day of their vacation, a group of spring breakers decide to throw caution to the wind and party in the middle of everything.

Logline 504 - The Henchman's Mother

An evil henchman's mother kills the mad scientist he works for an takes over his death machine in order to make sure her son gets his fair share.

Logline 503 - Jack in the Box

Years after trapping the evil spirit that possessed their house, a young family lets the spirit back out in hopes of it chasing away their violent neighbors.

Logline 502 - Get Yours

When an aging salesman learns he's about to be forced out of the company, he plans a theft with some of his coworkers.

Logline 501 - Wind and the Waves

When the young witch of a small town in Maine is forced to mediate a truce between warring spirits, she struggles to impose herself strongly enough to keep the peace.

Logline 500 - Bald

A thrift store manager who's just beaten cancer struggles to get back to the life he had before.

Logline 499 - The Girl in the Mirror Asks Weird Questions

When a teenage girl's reflection starts convincing her to commit ever-escalating crimes that she always gets away with and that always improve her life, she struggles to convince herself to stop before she goes too far.

Logline 498 - Tibbles and the Wren

When police find the serial killer they've been hunting is actually an alien's pet, they struggle to convince the alien of mankind's sentience in order to get him to reign his pet in.

Logline 497 - Honor and the Honorless

When a martial arts master's star pupil defects to start his own school, the master and the student both try to force the other out of their small town.

Logline 496 - Butchers and Spies

In the 1950s, a mob family is recruited by the CIA to ferret out a Russian spy - but both sides chafe under the terms of the arrangement.

Logline 495 - The Child's Slave

When a minor Roman noble dies unexpectedly, his head slave is forced to help his 12-year-old daughter run his estate.

Logline 494 - Merely Obsessed

When a teen idol's manic fan gets caught breaking into the idol's house, the idol lets her stay in exchange for performing illicit tasks for her.

Logline 493 - The Light in the Waves

When a desperate fisherman finds proof of the existence of Atlantis, he struggles with the possibility that he hasn't actually found anything, and is actually just going insane.

Logline 492 - The Name's Ice

When young, stern assassin is paired with an elderly, carefree sniper, the pair struggles to collaborate long enough to finish their job. But when the job goes south and they're hunted by assassins themselves, they don't have a choice.

Logline 491 - Colder

After a minor car accident leaves a family stranded in the middle of a blizzard, they're forced to trek through the wilderness with their young children in order to survive.

Logline 490 - The Ship of Theseus

After true teleportation is invented, a scientist involved in the invention starts noticing that everyone who's teleported once is a little bit different. A little bit worse.

Logline 489 - Quitter

When an Olympic runner drops out to help her aunt in hospice care, she finds most of her hometown to be less supportive than she'd expected, and has to deal with the fallout in the midst of saying goodbye.

Logline 488 - A Few Less Teeth

When a champion bar brawler and bouncer decides to fight professionally, he gains more fans and followers the more he's disqualified for brutality.

Logline 487 - The Associate

When the owner of a computer repair shop is kidnapped by the mob to recover incriminating information off of a damaged drive, she finds the mob to be good customers who pay well and promptly, and starts a nice little side business catering directly to them... until the FBI catches wind of her.

Logline 486 - Strike Gold

When a California prospector witness a violent murder and robbery, he finds himself framed and on the run from the law.

Logline 485 - Airsick

When a severely ill woman dies on an overseas flight, the crew has mere hours to determine whether the disease she died of was too contagious to safely land.

Logline 484 - To Each His Own

When a dying man splits his fortune evenly among his five children, with the provision that they each have to pick one of the others to give their portion to, all five immediately begin scheming to get as much of the inheritance from the others as they possibly can.

Logline 483 - Get Going

When a drug runner for the cartel is discovered feeding information to the police in the middle of a run, she winds up running from the cartel, the police, and border patrol all at the same time, as she tries to escape to Canada.

Logline 482 - Hit

When an up-and-coming comedian is kidnapped to perform for the local mob boss's birthday, he has to tread a fine line between entertaining and cautious if he wants to survive the night.

Logline 481 - Bigger Problems

When vampires, the illuminati, and kaiju all turn out to be real and start trying to take over the world at the same time, they're forced to work together against an alien invasion.

Logline 480 - Small Talk

When a comedian's joke campaign to ban bad weather takes off, she finds herself the unwilling spokeswoman of a political party dedicated to firing missiles at clouds.

Logline 479 - Gone Tomorrow

When a time traveler breaks down in the modern era, she raises funds fortune-telling to acquire the resources she needs to go back home.

Logline 478 - At Least I Tried

When a homeless man finds a millionaire's wallet lying on the ground, he has to resort to increasingly extreme methods to return the wallet.

Logline 477 - Raised By Wolves

After a tragic accident during a family road trip, a 10-year-old girl is left alone in the wilderness with only her two dogs to keep her safe.

Logline 476 - Yup, That's Murder

When a small-town sheriff who's only ever dealt with drunks and vagrants catches a serial killer who's passing through town, he struggles to convince himself that the guy is really all that bad.

Logline 475 - I Do What I Want

When the spoiled daughter of a billionaire goes to stay with her working-class extended family as an extended punishment, she turns the punishment around when she starts an underground club that becomes wildly popular.

Logline 474 - Insatiable

When the daughter of a man running a massive blackmailing ring kills her father for beating her and her younger brother, she takes over his blackmailing in order to maintain their standard of living, and soon finds she has a talent for it.

Logline 473 - The Thing That Lives in the Alley

When an 11-year-old girl finds a creature that can look like anyone it chooses, she befriends it and tries to help it stay hidden from the government agents looking for it.

Logline 472 - Vigilant

When a serial killer unknowingly kills a guy running a dogfighting ring, he rebrands himself as a vigilante by only killing people society would think deserve death. But he's still killing people, and now it's easier to connect all of his murders...

Logline 471 - To Kill a God

When the god of a small kingdom demands a human sacrifice, the queen and her most trusted companions journey to the god's domain to kill him.

Logline 470 - Agent of Chaos

When an FBI agent's criminal family gets killed by a rival gang, she abandons the force to get revenge.

Logline 469 - A Higher State of Being

When a scientist studying alternate dimensions happens to stumble upon the physical location of Nirvana, he starts a business selling instant enlightenment. But the reincarnated monks living there don't take too kindly to the incursion of rude tourists...

Logline 468 - It Has Its Ups and Downs

When an apprentice elevator repairman finds a bomb at the top of an elevator shaft, the police have to talk him through the disarming process before it goes off.

Logline 467 - Mad

After a fatal case of road rage leads to a truck driver killing his only son, an angry father plots the murder of the truck driver as he awaits trial.

Logline 466 - The Best Revenge

When she gets passed over for the promotion in favor of her younger cousin, the daughter of a real estate tycoon starts her own realty agency in direct competition to the family business.

Logline 465 - Great Job

When a recent graduate lands a job working at the top tech firm in the world, she struggles to enjoy it over the low-responsibility days of her past.

Logline 464 - Give Up

When an ultramarathon runner gets injured in the middle of nowhere, she has to drag herself back to civilization before she succumbs to hunger and fatigue.

Logline 463 - Face Death

When a violent string of murders rocks the city, the lead detective teams up with the biggest crime family in town to pool resources and catch the killers.

Logline 462 - Mortal

When a death-worshiping hitman discovers the existence of a coven of vampires in the heart of the city, he takes it as his sacred duty to kill all of them, no matter the cost.

Logline 461 - Dropped the Ball

When the oldest son of a circus family drops out of clown college to pursue a career in finance, he struggles to convince his family that he has a plan for his life.

Logline 460 - The Fallout

In the days following the start of nuclear war, a farming family in Wisconsin deal with refugees streaming out of a bombed-out Chicago.

Logline 459 - The Staging Ground

When the Milky Way goes to war with Andromeda, Earth winds up the surprised staging ground for the battles to come - with no one more surprised than the failed artist chosen as the alien king's personal human-translator.

Logline 458 - Unalone

When her husband dies on the way to the hospital, a new mother struggles to adapt to single parenthood.

Logline 457 - Falling Apart

When a brilliant architect's latest skyscraper collapses due to a subtle design flaw, she latches on to signs of sabotage in a desperate gambit to avoid crippling guilt.

Logline 456 - For Better or For Worst

When a young bride finds out at the reception that her new husband is a fugitive wanted in seventeen states and three countries, she has until they leave for their honeymoon that evening to decide how much she wants to cooperate with law enforcement.

Logline 455 - The Death of the Author

When the number one author on the New York Times Bestseller list winds up dead every Sunday for a month straight, the number four bestselling author hires a private detective to get to the bottom of things before she's on top of the list.

Logline 454 - Home for the Haunted Days

When grandpa's ghost shows up for Chrismas dinner, it takes a little getting used to for the rest of the family, but they make do. But then he sticks around afterwards, and he's getting ectoplasm everywhere.

Logline 453 - Clearing Up

After the hurricane of the century ravages a small beach town, those who stayed behind struggle to rebuild their lives and make sense of the wreckage.

Logline 452 - Mayor for a Day

When a mixup on the ballot leads to a 12-year-old accidentally being elected mayor, it's all fun and games until the child mayor stumbles upon a massive mayoral scandal and conspiracy that the former mayor is willing to kill her over.

Logline 451 - Back to Basics

When it's discovered that a college professor lied about graduating high school when she was hired 30 years ago, the dean forces her to go to night school before anybody else finds out.

Short Treatment 36 - Good Enough for Me

VANESSA is a paralegal in Baltimore living a relatively mundane life, but a good kind of mundane. Especially good is her still-pretty-new relationship with CHRIS which is just going gangbusters. They just fit together. They met because they live in the same apartment building, which would be a pain if they were to ever break up, but for right now, means they functionally already live together; they’re almost always at one or the other’s apartment, only rarely do they each go to their own place.

This doesn’t mean they don’t live their own lives; they’ll do stuff on their own all the time. Chris will head out to hang out with friends almost on a moment’s notice, and often doesn’t even invite Vanessa. This would probably bother anyone else, but Vanessa is actually super cool with it.

Because Vanessa’s life isn’t actually that mundane. She’s actually a literal supervillain.

She goes by the name SONORA, after a lab accident in high school gave her power over sounds. She can throw sonic blasts…

Logline 450 - Wet Behind the Ears

When a scuba instructor loses one of her trainees in an easily-avoidable accident, she struggles to come to grips with her own failures.

Logline 449 - What Did You Say?

When a drunk heckler finds himself consistently getting more laughs than the comedians he's watching, he embarks on a tour of other comedians' shows to amass his own following.

Logline 448 - Must Come Down

When a new pilot's first flight ends in a terrible crash in the mountains, surviving the crash itself isn't enough - now she has to limp her way through a hundred miles of wilderness.

Logline 447 - Wageslave

When a painter's daughter ignores art in favor of working in a cubicle, he goes to extreme lengths to convince her to do something important with her life instead - much to her chagrin.

Logline 446 - Divine Retribution

When a medieval nun's sister is killed by a corrupt lord on the other side of Europe, she abandons her vows and sets out to get vengeance.

Logline 446 - The Smuggler

After developing a lucrative side hustle smuggling goods into a prison, a young baker is shocked to discover most of the goods she's asked to smuggle are basic items everyone should have access to - books, writing supplies, and the like - but campaigning for prison reform winds up having risks of its own.

Logline 445 - Old Saint Nick

When an evil druid chieftain replaces the 4th-century Saint Nicholas with 21st-century Santa Claus, the only way for modern Santa to return to his own time is to kill the druid chieftain and claim his book of power.

Logline 444 - Snowed In

In the wake of an unprecedented blizzard, a family new to rural life is forced to survive weeks without water, power, or help.

Logline 443 - Housesitting

When a teenager who's housesitting for a neighbor is the only one there when the house gets burgled, rather than run, or call the police, she gets in on the burglary... leading to her becoming the lead suspect in the case.

Logline 442 - Friends and Enemies

When a crooked cop's son is kidnapped, she's forced to call in favors from her fellow officers and the mob alike in order to track down the kidnappers.

Logline 441 - Go the Spoils

After a champion gladiator is recruited by a paranoid senator to serve as a bodyguard, rather than living the cushy life, he finds his life significantly more complicated after the senator turns up dead.

Logline 440 - The Bomb

When terrorists claim they've hidden a dirty bomb in the middle of Manhattan, the FBI recruits a statistician to do the math determining what locations to evacuate, and what locations to write off.

Logline 439 - More Than Human

When a revolutionary new artificial spine increases human capabilities, the scientist who invented it finds herself the unwitting figurehead of the transhuman movement.

Logline 438 - Dead Weight

When an Olympic athlete loses her foot in a ridiculous accident, she designs a replacement that actually improves her time. So much so, in fact, that people start wondering about the "accident..."

Logline 437 - Paperweight

When college professor finds an unearthly artifact in her attic, her attempts to figure out what it is and where it came from lead her down a disturbing path of cults and forgotten gods.

Logline 436 - For Old Times' Sake

When a former drug kingpin's granddaughter gets engaged to the nephew of the detective who took him down, the four of them have to navigate their complex web of social ties in order to survive the wedding.

Logline 435 - Capeless Crusader

After an apocalyptic event gets rid of every superhero's powers, the former defender of the city struggles to adjust to a desk job at an internet startup.

Logline 434 - The Swordsman

When a violent bandit draws his sword in the middle of the tavern, the entire city is forced to band together to stop him.

Logline 433 - Queen of the Mist

When a teenage girl finds out her elderly neighbor is an actual witch (the "Hail Satan" kind, not the friendly kind), she quickly finds herself hunted by otherworldly beings summoned to make sure she can't let the secret slip.

Logline 432 - "Normal"

When a traumatic brain injury leads to her saying exactly what's on her mind all the time, a dropout-turned-journalist finds a sudden influx of popularity, and enemies.

Logline 431 - Volunteered

When a 50-year-old baker is mistakenly drafted for the Vietnam War, he decides to go with it - better him than some 18-year-old with his life ahead of him. He just has to get through boot camp first.

Logline 430 - Forgotten but Not Gone

When a teenage girl gets back from summer camp only to find her friends and family have literally forgotten she ever existed, she finds a surprising freedom to reinvent herself.

Logline 429 - What a Hit!

When a pro athlete is dropped for doping, he starts his own league that encourages rampant drug abuse and violence.

Logline 428 - A God I Can't Remember

When her country falls in a violent revolution, a spy embedded in America tries to make a life for herself under her cover identity.

Logline 427 - Curse God and Die

When a pastor's entire church dies in a freak accident, he struggles to rebuild in the midst of a community that thinks he's to blame.

Logline 426 - Never Have I Ever

When a sorority pledge who's about to wash out finds evidence that one of her would-be sorority sisters was the one who killed her sister, she has until the end of a night of hazing to find proof.

Logline 425 - Antes and Uncles

When a failed gambler discovers his 12-year-old niece has a remarkable talent for Texas Hold'em, he hatches an elaborate plot to win a local championship with her.

Logline 424 - If at First You Don't Succeed

When a pro boxer retires due to newfound pacifism, he struggles to find a new career path that both meshes with his new beliefs, and also benefits from him being really good at hitting people.

Logline 423 - Number Two

When the evil mastermind accidentally steps into his own deathtrap, his chief lieutenant is forced to act as though this was all her plan, lest she be beset by all of his other lackeys who sense a power vacuum.

Logline 422 - Settling Up

When the daughter of a fast food restaurant owner is brought in to help when the store's shorthanded, she finds the job agrees with her a lot more than her parents would prefer.

Logline 421 - Dark Days

When a mysterious toxic fog blocks out the son, a couple has to decide whether or not they should abandon their dying son to increase their odds at survival.

Short Treatment 35 - Satan Is Not Dead

CATHERINE (38) is a scientist working in a small lab. She runs a small electronic device that utilizes all sorts of complicated chemicals and tesla coils, very exciting stuff. When it finishes, her computer screen pops up one word:


Cut to news reports, all crazy, with one underlying theme. “700 Club’s Pat Robertson: ‘I can’t believe you all fell for it for so long;’” “Unitarian Universalists riot, thousands dead;” “Vatican swears, ‘Seriously you guys, it’s all real, I promise;’” “Muslims and Jews unite behind new McDonalds on Temple Mount;” “Televangelist Joel Osteen escapes to secret island fortress;” “Amish embrace dark web, FBI fears illicit drug empire.”

Catherine sits in an interview, surrounded by cameras and monitors. The interviewer asks her how it feels to have conclusively disproved God. Catherine shrugs, “I just ran the tests. Anyone could’ve done it. I can’t wait to rub it in some faces on Thanksgiving, though” The interviewer expresses amazement at how absolutely irrefut…

Logline 420 - One Drop

When a white supremacist finds out she's actually part black, it taints all of her relationships and forces her to make some hard decisions about who she is.

Logline 419 - Like and Subscribe

When a failing Youtube celebrity finds out she has a stalker, rather than get the police involved, she uses the drama to drive up her subscriber count. But the more success he brings her, the more the stalker feels he's earned.

Logline 418 - God Save the Me

When the king of a small city-state is assassinated, his daughter fights to avoid the throne and its lethal baggage.

Logline 417 - What You Deserve

When a miserable loser unexpectedly inherits her uncle's millions, she sets out to get revenge on everybody she feels has wronged her - no matter the cost.

Logline 416 - Win Big

When a small business owner loses everything to her gambling addiction, rather than get help for her problem, she gets a poker coach and tries to win everything back.

Short Treatment 34 - My Lord

KATLA is a warrior on an assassination mission. She’s a member of a band of ruffians seeking to infiltrate the estate of the local lord - a 13-year-old boy - and assassinate him, in accordance with a deal made with the boy’s power-hungry uncle.

They sneak their way through his estate, killing the few guards who notice them, until Katla’s son, FOLKI, accidentally lets a guard sound the alarm.

The fighting begins in earnest, but Katla leads a small team - including Folki, so they can keep an eye on him - away from the fighting and deeper into the lord’s mansion.

They find the lord, BRAND, left alone and nearly defenseless in a closet. Katla and the other bandits are busy fighting - it’s up to Folki to do the deed. But he can’t do it - Brand is just a kid, not even as old as Folki himself. Folki hesitates long enough that Brand flees out of a window.

The fighting is intense, such that only Katla is able to tear herself away to see what’s taking Folki so long. She gets back just in time to s…

Logline 415 - One in a Million

When a billionaire finally succeeds at cloning his dead wife, she winds up leaving him. So he clones her again. And again. And again...

Logline 414 - Saint

When a violent drug dealer kills a rival who, unbeknownst to him, had a couple girls chained up in his basement, he's hailed as a hero - but with the accolades comes a lot of attention he'd rather avoid.

Logline 413 - Four out of Five Stars

When a 4-star military general takes over his daughter-in-law's coffee shop while she and his son go on parental leave, he finds running it to be pretty different than military command.

Logline 412 - Whelmed

When a 20-year-old wunderkind is hired to replace a legendary tech CEO, she has to fight to keep her place amidst the company's rocky valuations and board members hoping to take advantage.

Logline 411 - Peace of Cake

When a baker accidentally drops a cake on the enemy general who was about to sign the peace accords, it's war all over again unless they can find a way to make amends, and quickly.

Logline 410 - Mean Streak

When America's favorite children's TV host gets unceremoniously dumped by the network, she does her best to tarnish her own brand, and take the show's value down with her.

Logline 409 - If.

When an anti-Nazi resistance group is forced to shelter a group of POW escapees, they find themselves having to make the hard choice of surviving, or giving up the POWs.

Logline 408 - In for a Penny

When an international jewel thief pairs up with a semi-senile coin collector to steal a priceless centuries-old quarter, she's forced to work less as a partner, and more as a caretaker in order to get the job done.

Logline 407 - Piledriver

When a middle-aged loser becomes a masked wrestler to relive his high school wrestling glory days, he does surprisingly well... until his family finds out.

Logline 406 - What Do You Want from Me?

When a teenage gardner is kidnapped by the family she's gardening for, she struggles to get them to admit a reason - and to, you know, escape.

Short Treatment 33 - The Honeymoon Phase

HEIDI (23) and JARED (35) have just gotten married and returned from their honeymoon. Jared reluctantly returns to his middle management job, while Heidi deals with the boredom of having quit her (admittedly terrible) job to be a housewife.

She watches some TV, plays some video games, eats some snacks, and eventually stumbles across a Youtube video talking about cleaning the whole house. She gets inspired, decides to go on a crazy cleanliness bender.

She heads up to the attic and starts sorting through boxes of old junk - most of it Jared’s. She laughs at some of the old pictures, rolls her eyes at a stack of dirty magazines, but then, underneath the magazines, finds several truly disturbing pictures. Dead animals, half-dissected. A severed arm. And a picture of a woman tied up and chained to a pole in an unfinished basement.

She takes the picture down to their basement, which is also unfinished. Looking around, she finds a spot that exactly matches the picture. She’s straight-up freaked…

Logline 405 - Scout's Honor