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Logline 347 - Some Light Murder

When an international assassin retires to a life of petty contract killings in a small suburb, she takes the police chief's teenage daughter under her wing.

Logline 346 - The Counselor

When an old man's young neighbors' extremely vocal arguing keeps buyers from being interested in his house, he starts maneuvering to repair their relationship... at least long enough for him to sell his dang house.

Logline 345 - Retired

When a newly-retired middle school teacher finds out one of her former students is dropping out of high school to care for his sick father, she moves in with them as the father's caretaker.

Logline 344 - Postal-Apocalypse

When a post-apocalyptic mailman finds one of his regular cities overrun by bandits, he convinces them to join him as a slightly-insane postal service.

Logline 343 - Part and Parcel

When a USPS worker finds herself the unintended victim of a mail bomb, she embarks on a vigilante manhunt to find the bomber who's been terrorizing the entire city.

Logline 342 - Waking Up Dead

After a fatal accident, a teenage girl finds herself haunting her hometown for the next several hundred years.

Logline 341 - Crossed the Line

When a 19th-century train conductor witnesses a murder along his route, he works with an outlaw sheriff to bring the murderers to justice before they kill him.

Logline 340 - Rabbit out of a Hat

When a stage magician accidentally starts performing real magic, he's quick to capitalize on it, only to find himself hunted by the inquisition.

Logline 339 - Here For One Night Only

When a massive music star is bequeathed her dying grandfather's farm, she wrestles not only with the grueling labor, but with the jealousy of her less-successful siblings.

Logline 338 - All-Natural

After tremendous success in growing artificial organs, a scientist manages to grow an artificial brain. When it turns out the brain is conscious and sentient, though, the scientist is forced to fight for its survival, rather than dissection.

Logline 337 - Temporarily Immortal

When a scientist not only discovers time travel, but proof that he'll survive at least the next eight years, he goes on a crazy bender, supposedly to prove his theories, but mostly because he can.

Logline 336 - The Last Resorts

When an international supervillain kills or captures all of the world's greatest secret agents, the governments of the world pool together to scrounge up a team that might be able to stop the villain's plot. If they're lucky.

Logline 335 - Finally

When a fabulously wealthy family patriarch is on his deathbed, his dropout grandson (and sole inheritor) struggles to find a balance between taking care of his grandfather, and his past-due bills.

Logline 334 - Fighting the Law

When a disgraced sheriff is taken in by a bandit posse unaware of his past, he struggles to keep his secret while the posse raids his former town.

Logline 333 - Cheese and Crackers

When an upstart culinary dropout starts a bakery right next to the biggest competitor in town, their rivalry gets heated - and violent.

Logline 332 - Unbearable

When a physical therapist loses a leg, she struggles with being on the other side of physical therapy.

Logline 331 - The Garbagemen

When the garbagemen cleaning up a dead mad scientist's house stumble upon dozens of working weapons and death traps, they claim them all as their own and become superheroes.

Logline 330 - Floating

When disaster strikes and a tourist is stranded in the middle of the Amazon, she builds a makeshift raft and floats down the Amazon river in hopes of reaching civilization.

Logline 329 - Punished

In a world where the only punishment for any crime is that crime being made public knowledge, after a put-upon wage slave kills his boss, his family is forced to flee from the boss's sons' retaliation.

Logline 328 - Non-smoker

When a supervillain with power over fire is implicated in a series of arsons and murders, the only person she could possibly get to vindicate her is her arch-nemesis, but he doesn't seem too eager...

Logline 327 - The Archive

When a librarian gets an odd gig at a secret government agency, she gets way less than she expected: there's nothing interesting, just a bunch of medical information that needs to be private. But when she starts asking why they're storing all of it, she finds herself on the run from government agents trying to shut her up before she's even found anything scandalous.