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Logline 385 - Taking in a Stray

When a homeless man shows up having found their lost dog, a family decides to take in the homeless man and get him back on his feet as thanks.

Logline 384 - Breakdown

When a school field trip's bus breaks down at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, a lone, beleaguered teacher has to keep two dozen bored teenagers in check until a new bus can reach them.

Logline 383 - Livestock

When an unsettled meat-lover decides to raise, kill, and eat her own goat, she faces pushback from carnivores and vegetarians alike.

Logline 388 - Out to Lunch

When a middle schooler playing hooky bumps into an elderly shopkeep on lunch, the two strike up a partnership - the middle schooler running the shop during lunch breaks, in exchange for the shopkeep posing as her grandfather.

Logline 382 - Senioritis

When a chubby loser's glow up blows up in her face on the first day of high school, she resolves to get revenge on all of her bullies by befriending all of their grandparents at the local senior center.

Logline 381 - Whiz Kid

When a teenager invents a bike that can fly, a nefarious businessman kidnaps her father to force her to hand over the technology behind it.

Short Treatment 29 - Last of a Dying Breed

Sophie and Laurent Rameau are professional monster hunters, members of the Order of St. Hubertus, currently on the trail of the last known werewolf in the kingdom of Thaler. Or, it was the last known werewolf in the kingdom - they’ve chased it so far north they’ve left Thaler, and are now in the bitter cold forests of Rublis.

Logline 380 - Colder

When their frontiersman father falls deathly ill in the middle of a blizzard, a teenage girl and her brother have cross miles of wilderness to get to the nearest doctor - and even if they succeed, they still have to get back.

Logline 379 - Three-Day Weekend

When a put-upon office drone second-guesses the probably-technically-criminal prank she left in her boss's office Friday evening, she has until work resumes on Tuesday to break in and undo it.

Back on the wagon

So a while back (maybe a year ago) I was trying to figure out what I wanted my next screenplay to be, and found myself trawling through my own website looking at various ideas. Eventually, I realized all of the ideas I was considering were ones I'd come up with ages ago; nothing was fresh or new. That was a little troubling, because in the past, I'd always been overflowing with ideas. I realized, whereas before I had more ideas than I knew what to do with, more screenplays I wanted to write than I could possibly get around to, now I was going over past ideas and deciding what seemed interesting enough. What had changed? I'd stopped coming up with a logline every day. Once I got back in the habit, again I found myself swimming in ideas. Not everything I post is something I'd want to write (some of it I know I'd never write), but the important thing is that it got my brain back in the habit of coming up with ideas, so now I've always got several I want to wo

Logline 378 - Void Where Prohibited

When a paper-pusher's company runs a massive sweepstakes with a grand price of ten million dollars, he collects a small group of office misfits to rig the competition in their favor.

Logline 377 - Just What I Needed

When a newly-paroled ex-con finds out her husband sold the house she'd hidden her stolen fortune inside, she poses as a housecleaner to get the money out - which would be a lot easier if the homeowner wasn't lonely and looking for a friend.

Logline 376 - And Taxes

After her nonbelieving husband dies, a devout Christian wrestles with the church's teaching that her husband is doomed to eternity in hell.

Logline 375 - T-Minus

Two hours before a rocket launches carrying an orbital weapon, a group of radical pacifists infiltrate the launch site in a plot to sabotage the rocket before it's too late.

Logline 374 - Whine and Cheese

When a professional food critic is upstaged by her dropout daughter's review blog, tensions rise at home - which is only amplified when her daughter starts dating a Michelin Guide inspector who's twice her age.

Logline 373 - Give Up and Die

When a criminal runs from the mob, rather than spend his life hiding, he resolves to enjoy his time left, and accept the inevitable hit put out on him. When the hitmen do show up, though, they think his life of leisure looks pretty nice; maybe they'll give it a try, too?

Logline 372 - Lookout

When nobody believes a homeless man who witnessed a kidnapping, he sets off on his own to rescue the kidnapped child.

Logline 371 - Charitable

When the police shut down a drug ring that was operating from inside a charity and legitimately helping the community, the chief faces a severe backlash and is forced to enact new community support measures to keep the peace.

Logline 370 - Fame Fatale

When a famous blogger is discovered to secretly be an international assassin, she ascends from internet-famous to famous-famous. Which makes hiding from Interpol astonishingly difficult...

Logline 369 - At Fault

In the chaos and aftermath of a massive earthquake that nearly sent San Francisco into the sea, a failed journalist and her roommate struggle to document the governmental failures that prevented an evacuation.

Logline 368 - How Am I Gonna Use This in Real Life?

When a zombie apocalypse begins during school hours, a grumpy old shop teacher is the only one standing between his middle school students, and the undead hordes.

Logline 367 - Nature Trail to Hell

When a veteran camper takes her family on a week-long hike and comes across a secret death cult, she finds herself and her family next on the cult's list of victims. But the cult doesn't realize everyone in her family is a dedicated hunter, and they're ready for anything.

Logline 366 - Community Pharmacists

When a retired elderly couple starts selling drugs in their retirement home, they succeed beyond their wildest dreams. So when a local gang starts trying to move in on their turf, they don't take it lying down - they put up a fight