Back on the wagon

So a while back (maybe a year ago) I was trying to figure out what I wanted my next screenplay to be, and found myself trawling through my own website looking at various ideas. Eventually, I realized all of the ideas I was considering were ones I'd come up with ages ago; nothing was fresh or new.

That was a little troubling, because in the past, I'd always been overflowing with ideas. I realized, whereas before I had more ideas than I knew what to do with, more screenplays I wanted to write than I could possibly get around to, now I was going over past ideas and deciding what seemed interesting enough.

What had changed? I'd stopped coming up with a logline every day.

Once I got back in the habit, again I found myself swimming in ideas. Not everything I post is something I'd want to write (some of it I know I'd never write), but the important thing is that it got my brain back in the habit of coming up with ideas, so now I've always got several I want to work on next. Things were good, for a while.

Now I've found myself with the next layer of the problem, though: I have plenty of ideas I want to work on, but I'm having trouble thinking of them as full movies. I'll have interesting scenes, but then I'll have to struggle to figure out why they happened or where they lead. Great concepts that take a lot of work to come up with an ending.

I realized that my problem now is that I stopped doing treatments. Back when I was writing short treatments every week (and long every month), I was able to conceptualize whole movies a lot more easily.

So I'm starting that back up again, too. And rather than wait for whatever the next problem down the line is, I'm just gonna get back to long treatments and screenplays on a schedule, too. Not the same, slightly insane schedule I started with; I'm gonna do a (first draft of a) screenplay every other month, instead of one per month. Haven't quite decided what my schedule for second and third draft are going to be, but given that I'm between projects at the moment, I have time for that.

It might be slightly longer than two months for my next first draft as I work on getting everything else into gear, but I'd really like to have it out by the end of July so I can stick to actual months as deadlines, rather than like "the second week of every month." And yeah, I think I will have it be monthly rather than four-weekly, but we'll see.

First short treatment on schedule will be this Saturday, first long treatment will probably be the end of June.