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Short Treatment 33 - The Honeymoon Phase

HEIDI (23) and JARED (35) have just gotten married and returned from their honeymoon. Jared reluctantly returns to his middle management job, while Heidi deals with the boredom of having quit her (admittedly terrible) job to be a housewife. She watches some TV, plays some video games, eats some snacks, and eventually stumbles across a Youtube video talking about cleaning the whole house. She gets inspired, decides to go on a crazy cleanliness bender. She heads up to the attic and starts sorting through boxes of old junk - most of it Jared’s. She laughs at some of the old pictures, rolls her eyes at a stack of dirty magazines, but then, underneath the magazines, finds several truly disturbing pictures. Dead animals, half-dissected. A severed arm. And a picture of a woman tied up and chained to a pole in an unfinished basement. She takes the picture down to their basement, which is also unfinished. Looking around, she finds a spot that exactly matches the picture. She’s straight-up freak

Logline 405 - Scout's Honor

When a Boy Scout troop's treasurer accidentally discovers evidence of massive fraud at the police hall where the troop meets, the troop is divided on what to do about it.

Logline 404 - Out of Dodge

When an unprecedented swarm of tornadoes threaten the entire Midwest, a pair of foster parents and their six foster kids struggle to make it out of the danger zone.

Logline 403 - Incorruptible

When the new frontier sheriff immediately proves to be corrupt, the former sheriff's deputy travels alone to the state capital to issue a complaint.

Logline 402 - Gin and Tonic

When a cop who doesn't play by the rules is forced to take on a rookie partner, the rookie is absolutely horrified at the things the cop does on the job, and takes it upon himself to keep his new mentor in check.

Logline 401 - Regular Haunts

When a ghost "dies" and finds himself alive again as a human, he's forced to wander life looking for what he left undone as a ghost so that he can finally move on to the after-afterlife.

Short Treatment 32 - Outside

JO (36) is the manager of a small maintenance crew installing jump gates across the galaxy. FTL travel was discovered a few thousand years ago, but it requires a jump gate at either terminus, which has to be manually installed. Jo and her team arrive at a location, install the gate, and activate it. A new gate then jumps to them, along with news from the last hundred years or so. Sometimes they get a new ship, which is always nice, but by this point lightspeed and near-lightspeed travel have come up on physical laws of the universe, so there’s not usually any upgrades big enough to be worth it. They then go into cryosleep for a hundred years or so while they fly to the next jump point. Everyone they ever knew has been dead for thousands of years at this point, which was a known factor of the job, which means only a certain type of person applied. Jo didn’t have any immediate family, and had several debts - financial and otherwise - that made a fresh start a few thousand years in the fu

Logline 400 - Ready or Not, Here I Come

When an international hide-and-seek championship ends in a draw, the two victors crank their training up to ridiculous levels in preparation for next year's bout.

Logline 399 - More Than Enough

When the richest man in the world wins the lottery, it opens the floodgates for spurious lawsuits and long-lost cousins, to the point where he starts losing what he had before.

Logline 398 - Without

When the apocalypse finally comes, life doesn't change much for a rural farmer and his family. Then the raiders come.

Logline 397 - Out of Options

When the CEO of a tech startup takes a loan from the Russian mob, she knows if the company goes under, they'll be out for blood. Then the company goes under.

Logline 396 - On Top of the World

When a construction crew gets stranded at the top of a collapsing space elevator, they have to work together to have any chance of surviving.

Short Treatment 31 - Senioritis

FARRAH is a 15-year-old high school student who’s looking good and feeling confident as she heads into the first day back from summer vacation. She had a growth spurt over the summer and lost some weight besides, she got some new clothes, and looks and feels like an entirely different person from the somewhat-chubby loser she ended the last year as. It doesn’t take ten minutes of being back at school, though, before any delusions of grandeur start to fade. She bumps into her bullies - DOLORES, JAYA, and AIDEN, who laugh at her, mocking her for thinking should could ever be anything other than a loser. It’s the leader of the trio, Dolores, who really delivers the KO, when she tells Farrah she’s not even gonna bother messing with her, because she doesn’t have to - Farrah is a loser, and will always be a loser, and Dolores wants Farrah to know that she isn’t a loser because she’s bullied, she’s bullied because she’s a loser - even if Dolores doesn’t do it, somebody else will. It’s not tru

Logline 395 - Whichcraft

When a teenage Wiccan accidentally discovers real magic, she tries to abandon it all - but whatever it is she woke up, it is hungry .

Logline 394 - Out of the Frying Pan

After her homestyle diner shuts down, the head chef decides to open up a fine dining establishment in the heart of New York City.

Logline 393 - To the Quick

When the world's greatest heart surgeon needs a complicated heart surgery, she finds it difficult to decide which of her inferiors will be able to pull it off.

Logline 392 - Spare Change

When a childless billionaire leaves his entire estate to whichever of his family puts the least effort into acquiring it, a war of passive-aggression erupts, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Logline 391 - Fair Well

A year after running away with the circus, the former outcast loser has reinvented herself as a cool, confident badass... until her troupe circles back through her hometown.

Short Treatment 30 - Are You Okay?

Margaret is the elite personal assistant of Juliette Martin, a brilliant inventor and businesswoman at the forefront of modern robotics. Margaret is remarkably talented and intelligent in her own right, but working directly under Juliette would make anyone seem dull in comparison. Margaret is often forced into demeaning tasks - she's not just there for important things, but for private things, like holding Juliette's hair as she vomits, or giving her body waxes. Whenever she's tempted to give up, though, Juliette reminds her that one day, Margaret will replace her, and it's enough to keep Margaret going. One of Margaret’s more unpleasant duties is to play chaperone when Juliette goes on an extravagant bender, often spanning several days (and countries). She’ll be rescheduling meetings and placating upset buyers even as she’s holding Juliette’s hair and cleaning up vomit - plus she’ll often get enlisted to obtain ever more exotic and dangerous drugs and alcohol. It’s eno

Logline 390 - Out of Spite

When a grumpy old woman mounts a campaign to be the new chair of the HOA, the task winds up being difficult due to the fact that nobody likes her at all.

Logline 389 - Willful Harm

When a 6'7" ex-boxer puts an attempted mugger in the hospital, he struggles to convince investigators he was, in fact, the victim.

Logline 388 - Body and Soul

When a struggling songwriter finds meteoric success as a poet, she struggles to break back into songwriting when all of her success lies elsewhere.

Logline 387 - In Recess

When a the power of a jury foreman goes to his head, he stretches the deliberation period of a trial out to maintain his relevance as long as possible.

Logline 386 - Not That Hungry

When an adopted teenage girl finds out her biological mother is the reigning pie eating champion of the world, she gets into professional eating to get closer to her.