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Logline 428 - A God I Can't Remember

When her country falls in a violent revolution, a spy embedded in America tries to make a life for herself under her cover identity.

Logline 427 - Curse God and Die

When a pastor's entire church dies in a freak accident, he struggles to rebuild in the midst of a community that thinks he's to blame.

Logline 426 - Never Have I Ever

When a sorority pledge who's about to wash out finds evidence that one of her would-be sorority sisters was the one who killed her sister, she has until the end of a night of hazing to find proof.

Logline 425 - Antes and Uncles

When a failed gambler discovers his 12-year-old niece has a remarkable talent for Texas Hold'em, he hatches an elaborate plot to win a local championship with her.

Logline 424 - If at First You Don't Succeed

When a pro boxer retires due to newfound pacifism, he struggles to find a new career path that both meshes with his new beliefs, and also benefits from him being really good at hitting people.

Logline 423 - Number Two

When the evil mastermind accidentally steps into his own deathtrap, his chief lieutenant is forced to act as though this was all her plan, lest she be beset by all of his other lackeys who sense a power vacuum.

Logline 422 - Settling Up

When the daughter of a fast food restaurant owner is brought in to help when the store's shorthanded, she finds the job agrees with her a lot more than her parents would prefer.

Logline 421 - Dark Days

When a mysterious toxic fog blocks out the son, a couple has to decide whether or not they should abandon their dying son to increase their odds at survival.

Short Treatment 35 - Satan Is Not Dead

CATHERINE (38) is a scientist working in a small lab. She runs a small electronic device that utilizes all sorts of complicated chemicals and tesla coils, very exciting stuff. When it finishes, her computer screen pops up one word: NO. Cut to news reports, all crazy, with one underlying theme. “700 Club’s Pat Robertson: ‘I can’t believe you all fell for it for so long;’” “Unitarian Universalists riot, thousands dead;” “Vatican swears, ‘Seriously you guys, it’s all real, I promise;’” “Muslims and Jews unite behind new McDonalds on Temple Mount;” “Televangelist Joel Osteen escapes to secret island fortress;” “Amish embrace dark web, FBI fears illicit drug empire.” Catherine sits in an interview, surrounded by cameras and monitors. The interviewer asks her how it feels to have conclusively disproved God. Catherine shrugs, “I just ran the tests. Anyone could’ve done it. I can’t wait to rub it in some faces on Thanksgiving, though” The interviewer expresses amazement at how absolutely irref

Logline 420 - One Drop

When a white supremacist finds out she's actually part black, it taints all of her relationships and forces her to make some hard decisions about who she is.

Logline 419 - Like and Subscribe

When a failing Youtube celebrity finds out she has a stalker, rather than get the police involved, she uses the drama to drive up her subscriber count. But the more success he brings her, the more the stalker feels he's earned.

Logline 418 - God Save the Me

When the king of a small city-state is assassinated, his daughter fights to avoid the throne and its lethal baggage.

Logline 417 - What You Deserve

When a miserable loser unexpectedly inherits her uncle's millions, she sets out to get revenge on everybody she feels has wronged her - no matter the cost.

Logline 416 - Win Big

When a small business owner loses everything to her gambling addiction, rather than get help for her problem, she gets a poker coach and tries to win everything back.

Short Treatment 34 - My Lord

KATLA is a warrior on an assassination mission. She’s a member of a band of ruffians seeking to infiltrate the estate of the local lord - a 13-year-old boy - and assassinate him, in accordance with a deal made with the boy’s power-hungry uncle. They sneak their way through his estate, killing the few guards who notice them, until Katla’s son, FOLKI, accidentally lets a guard sound the alarm. The fighting begins in earnest, but Katla leads a small team - including Folki, so they can keep an eye on him - away from the fighting and deeper into the lord’s mansion. They find the lord, BRAND, left alone and nearly defenseless in a closet. Katla and the other bandits are busy fighting - it’s up to Folki to do the deed. But he can’t do it - Brand is just a kid, not even as old as Folki himself. Folki hesitates long enough that Brand flees out of a window. The fighting is intense, such that only Katla is able to tear herself away to see what’s taking Folki so long. She gets back just in time to

Logline 415 - One in a Million

When a billionaire finally succeeds at cloning his dead wife, she winds up leaving him. So he clones her again. And again. And again...

Logline 414 - Saint

When a violent drug dealer kills a rival who, unbeknownst to him, had a couple girls chained up in his basement, he's hailed as a hero - but with the accolades comes a lot of attention he'd rather avoid.

Logline 413 - Four out of Five Stars

When a 4-star military general takes over his daughter-in-law's coffee shop while she and his son go on parental leave, he finds running it to be pretty different than military command.

Logline 412 - Whelmed

When a 20-year-old wunderkind is hired to replace a legendary tech CEO, she has to fight to keep her place amidst the company's rocky valuations and board members hoping to take advantage.

Logline 411 - Peace of Cake

When a baker accidentally drops a cake on the enemy general who was about to sign the peace accords, it's war all over again unless they can find a way to make amends, and quickly.

Logline 410 - Mean Streak

When America's favorite children's TV host gets unceremoniously dumped by the network, she does her best to tarnish her own brand, and take the show's value down with her.

Logline 409 - If.

When an anti-Nazi resistance group is forced to shelter a group of POW escapees, they find themselves having to make the hard choice of surviving, or giving up the POWs.

Logline 408 - In for a Penny

When an international jewel thief pairs up with a semi-senile coin collector to steal a priceless centuries-old quarter, she's forced to work less as a partner, and more as a caretaker in order to get the job done.

Logline 407 - Piledriver

When a middle-aged loser becomes a masked wrestler to relive his high school wrestling glory days, he does surprisingly well... until his family finds out.

Logline 406 - What Do You Want from Me?

When a teenage gardner is kidnapped by the family she's gardening for, she struggles to get them to admit a reason - and to, you know, escape.