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Logline 446 - The Smuggler

After developing a lucrative side hustle smuggling goods into a prison, a young baker is shocked to discover most of the goods she's asked to smuggle are basic items everyone should have access to - books, writing supplies, and the like - but campaigning for prison reform winds up having risks of its own.

Logline 445 - Old Saint Nick

When an evil druid chieftain replaces the 4th-century Saint Nicholas with 21st-century Santa Claus, the only way for modern Santa to return to his own time is to kill the druid chieftain and claim his book of power.

Logline 444 - Snowed In

In the wake of an unprecedented blizzard, a family new to rural life is forced to survive weeks without water, power, or help.

Logline 443 - Housesitting

When a teenager who's housesitting for a neighbor is the only one there when the house gets burgled, rather than run, or call the police, she gets in on the burglary... leading to her becoming the lead suspect in the case.

Logline 442 - Friends and Enemies

When a crooked cop's son is kidnapped, she's forced to call in favors from her fellow officers and the mob alike in order to track down the kidnappers.

Logline 441 - Go the Spoils

After a champion gladiator is recruited by a paranoid senator to serve as a bodyguard, rather than living the cushy life, he finds his life significantly more complicated after the senator turns up dead.

Logline 440 - The Bomb

When terrorists claim they've hidden a dirty bomb in the middle of Manhattan, the FBI recruits a statistician to do the math determining what locations to evacuate, and what locations to write off.

Logline 439 - More Than Human

When a revolutionary new artificial spine increases human capabilities, the scientist who invented it finds herself the unwitting figurehead of the transhuman movement.

Logline 438 - Dead Weight

When an Olympic athlete loses her foot in a ridiculous accident, she designs a replacement that actually improves her time. So much so, in fact, that people start wondering about the "accident..."

Logline 437 - Paperweight

When college professor finds an unearthly artifact in her attic, her attempts to figure out what it is and where it came from lead her down a disturbing path of cults and forgotten gods.

Logline 436 - For Old Times' Sake

When a former drug kingpin's granddaughter gets engaged to the nephew of the detective who took him down, the four of them have to navigate their complex web of social ties in order to survive the wedding.

Logline 435 - Capeless Crusader

After an apocalyptic event gets rid of every superhero's powers, the former defender of the city struggles to adjust to a desk job at an internet startup.

Logline 434 - The Swordsman

When a violent bandit draws his sword in the middle of the tavern, the entire city is forced to band together to stop him.

Logline 433 - Queen of the Mist

When a teenage girl finds out her elderly neighbor is an actual witch (the "Hail Satan" kind, not the friendly kind), she quickly finds herself hunted by otherworldly beings summoned to make sure she can't let the secret slip.

Logline 432 - "Normal"

When a traumatic brain injury leads to her saying exactly what's on her mind all the time, a dropout-turned-journalist finds a sudden influx of popularity, and enemies.

Logline 431 - Volunteered

When a 50-year-old baker is mistakenly drafted for the Vietnam War, he decides to go with it - better him than some 18-year-old with his life ahead of him. He just has to get through boot camp first.

Logline 430 - Forgotten but Not Gone

When a teenage girl gets back from summer camp only to find her friends and family have literally forgotten she ever existed, she finds a surprising freedom to reinvent herself.

Logline 429 - What a Hit!

When a pro athlete is dropped for doping, he starts his own league that encourages rampant drug abuse and violence.