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Logline 466 - The Best Revenge

When she gets passed over for the promotion in favor of her younger cousin, the daughter of a real estate tycoon starts her own realty agency in direct competition to the family business.

Logline 465 - Great Job

When a recent graduate lands a job working at the top tech firm in the world, she struggles to enjoy it over the low-responsibility days of her past.

Logline 464 - Give Up

When an ultramarathon runner gets injured in the middle of nowhere, she has to drag herself back to civilization before she succumbs to hunger and fatigue.

Logline 463 - Face Death

When a violent string of murders rocks the city, the lead detective teams up with the biggest crime family in town to pool resources and catch the killers.

Logline 462 - Mortal

When a death-worshiping hitman discovers the existence of a coven of vampires in the heart of the city, he takes it as his sacred duty to kill all of them, no matter the cost.

Logline 461 - Dropped the Ball

When the oldest son of a circus family drops out of clown college to pursue a career in finance, he struggles to convince his family that he has a plan for his life.

Logline 460 - The Fallout

In the days following the start of nuclear war, a farming family in Wisconsin deal with refugees streaming out of a bombed-out Chicago.

Logline 459 - The Staging Ground

When the Milky Way goes to war with Andromeda, Earth winds up the surprised staging ground for the battles to come - with no one more surprised than the failed artist chosen as the alien king's personal human-translator.

Logline 458 - Unalone

When her husband dies on the way to the hospital, a new mother struggles to adapt to single parenthood.

Logline 457 - Falling Apart

When a brilliant architect's latest skyscraper collapses due to a subtle design flaw, she latches on to signs of sabotage in a desperate gambit to avoid crippling guilt.

Logline 456 - For Better or For Worst

When a young bride finds out at the reception that her new husband is a fugitive wanted in seventeen states and three countries, she has until they leave for their honeymoon that evening to decide how much she wants to cooperate with law enforcement.

Logline 455 - The Death of the Author

When the number one author on the New York Times Bestseller list winds up dead every Sunday for a month straight, the number four bestselling author hires a private detective to get to the bottom of things before she's on top of the list.

Logline 454 - Home for the Haunted Days

When grandpa's ghost shows up for Chrismas dinner, it takes a little getting used to for the rest of the family, but they make do. But then he sticks around afterwards, and he's getting ectoplasm everywhere .

Logline 453 - Clearing Up

After the hurricane of the century ravages a small beach town, those who stayed behind struggle to rebuild their lives and make sense of the wreckage.

Logline 452 - Mayor for a Day

When a mixup on the ballot leads to a 12-year-old accidentally being elected mayor, it's all fun and games until the child mayor stumbles upon a massive mayoral scandal and conspiracy that the former mayor is willing to kill her over.

Logline 451 - Back to Basics

When it's discovered that a college professor lied about graduating high school when she was hired 30 years ago, the dean forces her to go to night school before anybody else finds out.

Short Treatment 36 - Good Enough for Me

VANESSA is a paralegal in Baltimore living a relatively mundane life, but a good kind of mundane. Especially good is her still-pretty-new relationship with CHRIS which is just going gangbusters. They just fit together. They met because they live in the same apartment building, which would be a pain if they were to ever break up, but for right now, means they functionally already live together; they’re almost always at one or the other’s apartment, only rarely do they each go to their own place. This doesn’t mean they don’t live their own lives; they’ll do stuff on their own all the time. Chris will head out to hang out with friends almost on a moment’s notice, and often doesn’t even invite Vanessa. This would probably bother anyone else, but Vanessa is actually super cool with it. Because Vanessa’s life isn’t actually that mundane. She’s actually a literal supervillain. She goes by the name SONORA, after a lab accident in high school gave her power over sounds. She can throw sonic blas

Logline 450 - Wet Behind the Ears

When a scuba instructor loses one of her trainees in an easily-avoidable accident, she struggles to come to grips with her own failures.

Logline 449 - What Did You Say?

When a drunk heckler finds himself consistently getting more laughs than the comedians he's watching, he embarks on a tour of other comedians' shows to amass his own following.

Logline 448 - Must Come Down

When a new pilot's first flight ends in a terrible crash in the mountains, surviving the crash itself isn't enough - now she has to limp her way through a hundred miles of wilderness.

Logline 447 - Wageslave

When a painter's daughter ignores art in favor of working in a cubicle, he goes to extreme lengths to convince her to do something important with her life instead - much to her chagrin.

Logline 446 - Divine Retribution

When a medieval nun's sister is killed by a corrupt lord on the other side of Europe, she abandons her vows and sets out to get vengeance.