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Logline 525 - The Priest of the Invisible

When a teenage boy goes to live with his grandparents and care for his dying grandfather, he expects to be miserable for a summer. Instead, he learns his grandparents' love of poetry and of life.

Logline 524 - The Deep Path

When a trade caravan takes a route through a mysterious underground realm that judges your character, a upright young caravan guard has to do his best to protect his unscrupulous friends and companions - or decide if he really wants to.

Logline 523 - The Dead Man's Diary

When a rookie cop stumbles across a key piece of evidence from a decades-old cold case, she finds herself at the center of a still very active conspiracy that's more than willing to kill to keep its secrets.

Logline 522 - A Crusader in the Yankees' Manager's Office

When a medieval knight from King Arthur's court is inexplicably transported to modern New York, he adapts to life faster than you'd expect... until King Arthur arrives with a rescue party.

Logline 521 - The King's Guest

When the king kills her husband in a friendly duel, a fisherwoman is brought to the king's castle and has to adapt to life in a noble court.

Logline 520 - Killed the Cat

When the preteen son and daughter of a hitman find out their father's profession, they set out to save his latest target, ideally without their father finding out about their meddling.

Logline 519 - I Didn't Even Know You Were Catholic

When a random plumber from New Jersey finds himself elected pope, nobody can figure out why - least of all him.

Logline 518 - Dreams and the Dreamer

When her daughter's nightmares start literally becoming real, a stay-at-home mom ventures into the seedy world of black magic to find out how to make it stop - no matter the cost.

Logline 517 - Fake Laugh

When an international superstar comedian contracts a disease with 99.9% fatality rate, rather than fight it, she vlogs her experience from diagnosis to death.

Logline 516 - Please Stay

When a salesman offends his pregnant girlfriend so bad she leaves him, he has to prove to her that he's changed before she'll let him have anything to do with the birth and the baby.

Logline 515 - No Good

When a mob boss contracts a potentially deadly illness, his entire family independently conspires to kill him and seize control. Rather than try to stop them, he works with the police to take them all down after he dies.

Logline 514 - Laser Sword

When human terrorists introduce crime to an alien utopia, the only ones violent enough to stop the criminals are more humans, who find themselves deputized to hunt down the terrorists.

Logline 513 - Astral

When all the stars in the sky simultaneously shift course to hurtle towards the Earth, a flight attendant whose father was abducted by aliens is the only one who knows what's happening and how to stop it.

Logline 512 - Fear the Reaper

When a realtor's dead father starts haunting the house she's trying to sell, she needs to figure out what's keeping him here and fix it if she wants to ever sell it.

Logline 511 - Standing at the Edge of the World

When an aspiring DJ finds out her family has secretly been working on summoning the Old Gods in a ritual spanning generations, she's the only one who can stop them - and also the only one who can finish the ritual granting her a throne of power in the New World.