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Logline 581 - Threatened

When a minor youtube star gets a stalker, she doesn't get scared - she gets violent, to the point where her stalker is the one that needs protection.

Logline 580 - Gig Economy

 When his parents die in an accident, a single gig worker volunteers to raise his 10-year-old half-brother.

Logline 579 - The Seeds

Decades after a nuclear apocalypse, a pair of mutant siblings leaves their home in search of a semi-mythical seed vault deep in Northern Canada in hopes of finding enough food to restart their failing farms and save their people.

Logline 578 - Unlock Your Potential

 When a chiropractor unexpectedly unlocks her patient's latent chi flow, enabling them to perform all sorts of superheroic stunts, she starts a thriving business repeating the work on others even as she struggles to do it to herself.

Logline 577 - Overcaffinated

When a barista who moonlights as an MMA fighter stops a violent mugging outside his coffee shop, he starts a protection pact with local businesses that slowly morphs into a protection racket instead.

Logline 576 - Oh No! I Like It!

When a surgeon gets stranded alone in the Australian outback, she's forced to integrate with a wandering cult of cannibals if she wants any chance of returning to civilized society. But once she figures out she enjoys the taste of human flesh, she wonders if returning is the responsible thing for a surgeon.

Logline 575 - The Okay Samaritan

When a skilled hunter finds evidence of a meth lab in the woods outside his property, he makes it his business to hunt down and kill whoever it is behind the meth epidemic in his community.

Logline 574 - The End is Near

When a hotshot space pilot gets downed on a hostile enemy planet that she knows her people are preparing to destroy, she's forced to cooperate with a local group of noncombatants if she wants any chance of getting off-world in time to survive.

Logline 573 - The Douchess of Taelsby

When a teenage duchess comes whimpering back to her family after a failed stint in a rock band, she finds it more difficult that she expected to adjust make to life as a noble.

Logline 572 - Lay Low

 After pulling off the heist of the century, a group of brilliant criminals slowly fall prey to a variety of schemes, arrests, and infighting as they try to wait five years before they recover their loot.

Logline 571 - The Love is Gone, but the Salad Isn't

 When a struggling husband-wife chef duo start bitter divorce proceedings, they both compensate by throwing themselves into their work, and rocket up to international superchef status. But the better their career goes, the less contentious their marriage - and the less contentious their marriage, the worse their cooking.

Logline 570 - Please Enjoy the Party

When a gang of terrorists lay siege to a billionaire's house party, the head of security is tasked with not only stopping the attack, but keeping the party from getting disturbed in the process.

Logline 569 - Still Running

Hours into a two week quarantine, a medical student confesses infidelity to her husband; the pair of them spend the next two weeks fighting, discussing, and trying to hash out what's going to happen to their marriage.

Logline 568 - Don't Fight Dragons

Months after the secret fantasy world of wizards, vampires, dragons, and elves has made itself public, a rookie PR agent finds herself embroiled in a presidential conspiracy looking to start a war with a dragon - but can she find anyone else who will help her stop things before they escalate?

Logline 567 - The Guru

After getting fired from his job due to a boss's mistake, a fluent techie goes into business for himself as a contractor.

Logline 566 - Miss Lead

When an international model launches a coup in her destitute home country, everyone assumes she's just a figurehead - which she is able to capitalize on to great, and bloody, effect.

Logline 565 - Used to the Light

 When a punk band gets arrested protesting an authoritarian dictatorship, they find their true calling isn't playing music, but organizing an outright rebellion.

Logline 564 - Alcoholics Apocalypse

After it's clear the world will be destroyed in less than a week, a group of sober alcoholics work together to stay sober in the face of the end.

Logline 563 - Thicker than Water

A generation after half the planet was suddenly replaced with a medieval fantasy world of elves and dragons, a cop goes undercover in the court of a vampire king to find the source of a new magical drug that's been ravaging Las Vegas.

New Screenplay - Good Enough for Me

Just finished the first draft of my 11th screenplay, Good Enough for Me; it's up with My Screenplays . I really enjoyed writing this one, and I'm expecting good things from future drafts.

Logline 562 - Why Won't You Leave?

When the ghost of a coffee shop owner returns to haunt his shop, the new owner works with the ghost's family to unravel the surprisingly comprehensive conspiracy by Big Coffee that led to the former owner's death.

Logline 561 - Bring Home the Bacon

When a secret billionaire finally reveals her wealth to her middle-class fiance and introduces him to her parents, both of their families start trying to isolate the couple from the other family - her family to protect their money, and his to get access to it. Neither family seems to care much about what she or her fiance want...

Logline 560 - What Do You Take Me For?

After a string of jobs that should've been great but got ruined by abusive bosses and destructive bureaucracies, a wannabe coder stops trying to get good jobs, and starts trying to get hired by the worst bosses possible to expose them on her blog.

Logline 559 - The Long Game

 When a young girl is inducted into a secret society by her grandfather, she must spend her entire life preparing for the society's endgame of summoning an ancient deity.

Logline 558 - The Wicked Flee

When a storied investigative journalist "retires" to a small port town that happens to house a lot of the fabulously wealthy, the real estate mogul who's also the mayor of the town tries to help whichever constituent is being targeted cover up their scandals - but without knowing which one the journalist is actually there for, he has no choice but to hide everything.

Logline 557 - Sing to Me

When a supposedly-retired composer is found dead at her villa with an incredible opus having been her final creation, a pair of young composers compete to cover up the death and claim her work as their own.

Logline 556 - Fickle

 When a woman is stalked by the hitman she hired to kill her husband, she struggles to get help for her issue without revealing her guilt.

Logline 555 - Attention

 When a fame-obsessed Twitch streamer racks up a lot of viewers after a drunken tirade, he starts deliberately exaggerating his antics to dangerous levels in order to keep growing his "brand."

Logline 554 - Equality and Equilibrium

After losing a big internship due to her own mistakes outside the office, a would-be accountant takes over the books for her family business - a move she views as a downgrade, while the rest of her family is thrilled to work with her.

Logline 553 - Ghost Town

 When a man on his way to a business trip breaks down in the middle of a small town, the locals warn him about the murderous spirits that come out at night. But come nightfall, the spirits warn him about the murderous locals...

Logline 552 - You're Right, I'm Sorry

 When a bank manager's fifth ex-wife gets the house in their divorce, he's forced to move in with his domineering - and slightly senile - father until he can find a new place.

Logline 551 - The Best Defense

 When an aging prosecutor is forced into retirement by a new boss, she takes up a new career in criminal defense in an effort to tarnish her former boss's record.

Logline 550 - The Butcher

When it's mathematically proven that all animals have souls, a lifelong butcher retires and becomes the leader of a violent sect of vegans.

Logline 549 - Human Resources

When a put-upon HR manager is thrown under the bus after a major lawsuit, she launches a blackmail campaign against her superiors that quickly spirals out of her control.

Logline 548 - Tabletop

When an in-character betrayal brings up some out-of-character hard feelings, a well-intentioned Game Master running a tabletop RPG struggles to repair his party - and their real-life friendships - before any permanent damage is done.

Logline 547 - The Mediocre Girl

When her last remaining sibling develops superpowers, the powerless, mediocre firstborn of the city's favorite heroes struggles to find her place in a world where she won't ever be able to save the day.

Logline 546 - The Bastard

When the king and all his heirs die at sea, a young farmer is chosen as a false bastard, whom the nobles pretend to be a true heir. But when he resists the nobles' manipulations, he finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail and treason that he may not be able to survive.

Logline 545 - Homewrecker

When a demolition foreman accidentally demolishes the wrong house, guilt drives her to ever-increasing acts of repentance, much to the displaced family's chagrin.

Logline 544 - The Bully

When a 12-year-old's classmate is killed, she takes it upon herself to solve the murder.

Logline 543 - The Slow One

When boxer is disqualified from professional boxing, he studies chess to start competing in a national chess-boxing tournament.

Logline 542 - Old Dog, New Tricks

When a new lead pops up in a 30-years-cold case, an 80-year-old detective forces his way out of retirement to close it.

Logline 541 - Jock Strap

When a loner otaku is in danger of flunking PE, he has to work his way up to starting lineup for one of the school sports teams for extra credit.

Logline 540 - Be Your Own Boss

When a merger accidentally leaves a lone employee with no direct superior and no work to do, she has to spend her days looking as busy as possible to prevent anyone from figuring out she's redundant.

Logline 539 - Bottomless

When a professional eater dies before attempting his final food challenge, his daughter starts training to complete his legacy.

Logline 538 - Pops

When an offshore oil rig worker finds out his boss is his estranged father, they have to get used to working with each other over the next 28 days.

Logline 537 - Delivery

After losing his job, a now ex-truck driver finds solace in weekly poetry readings at the local coffee shop.

Logline 536 - The Enemy of My Enemy

A hundred years after aliens showed up on earth and left their own hegemon in charge of the planet, his chief councilman works behind his back to organize a rebellion to take back the planet.

Logline 535 - How Was Your Stay?

When the first aliens make contact with Earth and move into a Maine bed and breakfast, the B&B owner finds herself in over her head with caring for exotic guests while fighting off international spies.

Logline 534 - To Win the Game

When a reality show contestant figures out the entire show is being rigged for maximum drama, she cranks the drama up to 11 to try to get the show cancelled... but winds up becoming a breakout reality star instead.

Logline 533 - Happy Campers

When a camping trip goes terribly wrong, a pair of 8-year-olds have to hike thirty miles through the wilderness to get help for their trapped and wounded parents.

Logline 532 - Tattleteller

When a bank teller witnesses her boss committing murder, rather than turn him in, she starts blackmailing him.

Logline 531 - The Beeper

When a teenage delinquent finds her grandmother's old beeper in the attic, she gets wrapped up in grandma's criminal past - and present.

Logline 530 - Unknown, Unknowable

When an alleged rapist is found innocent after 20 years in prison, he struggles to adapt to life on the outside, and has to decide if he even wants to repair relationships with friends and family who abandoned him.

Logline 529 - Repeat Offender

When the entire world starts repeating the same day over and over again, a prisoner close to release fights for his right to get out of prison even though the calendar says he hasn't served his full sentence.

Logline 528 - Complexity

When a failed stock broker accidentally creates a massive hit video game, he tries to convince himself to transition to a field he has no interest in, instead of following his passion in a typically passionless field.

Logline 527 - Pierce the Veil

When an unappreciated psychic dies, she returns as a ghost in an attempt to prevent a tragedy she saw while still alive.

Logline 526 - Floats Your Boat

When a billionaire's yacht sinks near a deserted island and he and his crew are forced to forage for survival, he struggles to maintain his status in this new scenario.