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Logline 532 - Tattleteller

When a bank teller witnesses her boss committing murder, rather than turn him in, she starts blackmailing him.

Logline 531 - The Beeper

When a teenage delinquent finds her grandmother's old beeper in the attic, she gets wrapped up in grandma's criminal past - and present.

Logline 530 - Unknown, Unknowable

When an alleged rapist is found innocent after 20 years in prison, he struggles to adapt to life on the outside, and has to decide if he even wants to repair relationships with friends and family who abandoned him.

Logline 529 - Repeat Offender

When the entire world starts repeating the same day over and over again, a prisoner close to release fights for his right to get out of prison even though the calendar says he hasn't served his full sentence.

Logline 528 - Complexity

When a failed stock broker accidentally creates a massive hit video game, he tries to convince himself to transition to a field he has no interest in, instead of following his passion in a typically passionless field.

Logline 527 - Pierce the Veil

When an unappreciated psychic dies, she returns as a ghost in an attempt to prevent a tragedy she saw while still alive.

Logline 526 - Floats Your Boat

When a billionaire's yacht sinks near a deserted island and he and his crew are forced to forage for survival, he struggles to maintain his status in this new scenario.