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Logline 550 - The Butcher

When it's mathematically proven that all animals have souls, a lifelong butcher retires and becomes the leader of a violent sect of vegans.

Logline 549 - Human Resources

When a put-upon HR manager is thrown under the bus after a major lawsuit, she launches a blackmail campaign against her superiors that quickly spirals out of her control.

Logline 548 - Tabletop

When an in-character betrayal brings up some out-of-character hard feelings, a well-intentioned Game Master running a tabletop RPG struggles to repair his party - and their real-life friendships - before any permanent damage is done.

Logline 547 - The Mediocre Girl

When her last remaining sibling develops superpowers, the powerless, mediocre firstborn of the city's favorite heroes struggles to find her place in a world where she won't ever be able to save the day.

Logline 546 - The Bastard

When the king and all his heirs die at sea, a young farmer is chosen as a false bastard, whom the nobles pretend to be a true heir. But when he resists the nobles' manipulations, he finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail and treason that he may not be able to survive.