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Logline 563 - Thicker than Water

A generation after half the planet was suddenly replaced with a medieval fantasy world of elves and dragons, a cop goes undercover in the court of a vampire king to find the source of a new magical drug that's been ravaging Las Vegas.

New Screenplay - Good Enough for Me

Just finished the first draft of my 11th screenplay, Good Enough for Me; it's up with My Screenplays . I really enjoyed writing this one, and I'm expecting good things from future drafts.

Logline 562 - Why Won't You Leave?

When the ghost of a coffee shop owner returns to haunt his shop, the new owner works with the ghost's family to unravel the surprisingly comprehensive conspiracy by Big Coffee that led to the former owner's death.

Logline 561 - Bring Home the Bacon

When a secret billionaire finally reveals her wealth to her middle-class fiance and introduces him to her parents, both of their families start trying to isolate the couple from the other family - her family to protect their money, and his to get access to it. Neither family seems to care much about what she or her fiance want...

Logline 560 - What Do You Take Me For?

After a string of jobs that should've been great but got ruined by abusive bosses and destructive bureaucracies, a wannabe coder stops trying to get good jobs, and starts trying to get hired by the worst bosses possible to expose them on her blog.

Logline 559 - The Long Game

 When a young girl is inducted into a secret society by her grandfather, she must spend her entire life preparing for the society's endgame of summoning an ancient deity.