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Logline 581 - Threatened

When a minor youtube star gets a stalker, she doesn't get scared - she gets violent, to the point where her stalker is the one that needs protection.

Logline 580 - Gig Economy

 When his parents die in an accident, a single gig worker volunteers to raise his 10-year-old half-brother.

Logline 579 - The Seeds

Decades after a nuclear apocalypse, a pair of mutant siblings leaves their home in search of a semi-mythical seed vault deep in Northern Canada in hopes of finding enough food to restart their failing farms and save their people.

Logline 578 - Unlock Your Potential

 When a chiropractor unexpectedly unlocks her patient's latent chi flow, enabling them to perform all sorts of superheroic stunts, she starts a thriving business repeating the work on others even as she struggles to do it to herself.

Logline 577 - Overcaffinated

When a barista who moonlights as an MMA fighter stops a violent mugging outside his coffee shop, he starts a protection pact with local businesses that slowly morphs into a protection racket instead.