First New Treatment

Wrote a new treatment, kind of a hack job but it's alright. When I used to write treatments I'd spend a full week of effort on them, but for this one I was still kind of figuring out if I wanted to do it during the week, so it wound up a bit of a rush job.

I am okay with that in general, but it does have me questioning things. I'm thinking back to why I stopped my screenplay-a-month process, and how what inevitably happens is that when I abbreviate the writing process, I don't have as much room to flesh out the real depth and the good parts. Writing this treatment alone, I didn't just bang it all out start to finish; I'd keep coming up with threads I'd need to reweave back into the beginning, and some of them made it in, but others I just didn't have time to include.

That's definitely what wound up happening to Shadows, too - because I wrote the whole thing in a week, I didn't have time to rewrite the beginning as I added threads to the end, and by the time I was finished, reweaving the beginning was going to be so much work I'd be better off just writing a new screenplay. Which I did, eventually; Smoke and Mirrors cannibalized a lot of world elements I liked from Shadows.

So now I am wondering if going back to an accelerated writing schedule is a good idea or not, because I know there's going to be a lot of fixes that I see to implement, but that won't always be worth the time to implement. I know the whole idea is that when that happens, even if I don't fix it then, I'll have the idea to use again in future screenplays, but there is the fear that if I don't get the practice of fixing it at the time, I won't be able to implement it in the future.

Like, a big part of the screenplay-a-month is taking time to edit, because first drafts aren't really screenplays yet. That's why its a screenplay a month, and not a screenplay in a month - one screenplay will get 5-6 months of work, it's just ideally when I get up to speed I'll be finishing one a month.

But if I'm writing that much, will I have time to give them the attention they need? Would it be better to slow things down, do one every two months? I don't know.

I want to figure all of this out now, because commitment is key to this process - the whole idea is sucking now to not suck later, so the middle part, where I'm sucking, will feel bad and give me more doubts. I need to be able to look ahead to the goal, to know what I'm shooting for with at least some measure of confidence.

I don't know. I'll keep chewing on it for now.